Rainbow Pregnancy – 16 Week Update

I’m publishing this a little later than usual because we had a scan on Saturday and I wanted to wait for that for a couple of reasons. Normally updates will be posted on a Friday! I still can’t quite get over how different this pregnancy is to Aneurin’s. I feel so very different. My symptoms […]

Rainbow Pregnancy Update – 14 Weeks

It feels strange that this is my first pregnancy update when I’m already into the second trimester! I actually toyed with discussing this pregnancy publicly before the usual 12 week mark because honestly, I didn’t see the point in keeping quiet. We learnt the hard way that getting past the first trimester really doesn’t guarantee […]

Rainbow Pregnancy 4-11 Weeks

4 Weeks Overwhelmed is my current state of mind. Actually, it’s amazed/happy/terrified/confused/guilty/excited/worried but overwhelmed covers it better. For the last few days I’ve had a funny taste in my mouth, I’ve needed to wee literally every half an hour, I’ve had three frankly terrifying spots sprout on my face and some spotting. In the back […]