Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rainbow Baby Clothing Wishlist

Before I fell pregnant with our Poglet and even during the first few weeks I wasn't sure whether I liked the idea of the term 'rainbow baby'. I wrote a little bit more about that here. However, as time has gone on I've found myself being drawn to all things rainbow. These are my favourite items I've found so far.

1. 'I'm Happy' Rainbow T-shirt from Next (Part of a pack of two)
2. Rainbow Sleepsuit from Next (Part of a pack of three)

5. Rainbow Bumblebee Sleepsuit from Frugi (Part of a pack of two)

I'm not ready to buy things for Poglet just yet but when I do these are definitely going in my basket, especially that cardigan from Next, I love it! 

Mrs D x


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