Saturday, 13 June 2015

Splish Splash - Plus Size Swimwear

Ohhh how I wish I was going to be donning one of these beauties and lounging in the sunshine on a beach at some point over the next couple of months but at 7 months pregnant I'm likely to be harpooned by mistake. We have booked ourselves in for a spa week a few weeks before Pea's arrival though so hopefully I will get to lounge/waddle round a lovely pool at least. 

Plus size swimwear options used to be very limited. Generally black or navy, heavy on the control panels with the occasional big shapeless skirt but not anymore! The invention of the 'fatkini' seems to have paved the way for funky, bright, sexy bikinis and one pieces for the squishier bodies and I could not love it more. When I started this post I honestly had about 20 tabs open of items I wanted to include, the options are endless! However, I didn't want to overwhelm you too much so I've narrowed it down to a modest 12.

Forever21+ Abstract Corset Bikini - Top £14 - Bottoms £12 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

Elomi Tahoe Bikini - Top (on sale) £35.20 - Briefs (on sale) £30.40 - up to size 26/44HH

Yours Purple Floral Swimsuit - £30 - up to size UK28

Forever21+ Tropical Bikini - Bandeau top £12 - Bottoms £11 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

Curvy Kate Luau Love Bikini - Top £35 - Brief £18 - up to size 22/40K

Evans Cherry Print Swimdress - £42 - up to a size UK32

Forever21+ Sunflower Swimsuit - £23 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

Magisculpt Bum Lifter Swimsuit - £42 - up to size UK32 (available in black and white spot) 

Forever21+ Striped Floral Swimsuit - £23 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

ASOS Curve 50s Halter Bikini - Top £20 - Bottoms £16 - up to size UK28

Forever21+ Mesh Panel Swimsuit - £19 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

Forever 21+ Tropical Bikini - Corset Top £14 - Cheeky Bottoms £12 - up to size 3X (approx. UK24)

Forever 21 are killing it with their plus size bikinis and swimsuits, they're all so vibrant and cute! My favourite is definitely the sunflower one, so much so I'm tempted to buy it now to put away for after Pea is born.

Which are your favourites? Tell me about your impending holidays and make me green with envy please!

Mrs D x 

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