Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pregnancy Update - Week 29

Sleep:  SPD/PGP is preventing me from sleeping as well I would like to be. Turning over in bed is agony so on the occasion I manage to do it sleepily the pain wakes me up quite sharply. I'm most comfortable on my right side but my right leg will eventually either go numb or ache a lot so I really do have to turn onto my other side. It's not fun! Having said that though I am still managing to get a good 9 or so hours, just interrupted ones. 

Eating: Ohhh how I long to finish a meal and fit in a pudding! Every time we've been out to eat and I've excitedly perused the dessert menu Mr D has merely laughed at me knowing I can barely manage a whole main course. This pregnancy is most definitely sponsored by fried chicken which I know, I know, it's bad but I could honestly eat it all the live long day. Aside from Marmite it's the only proper craving I've had. 

Clothes: George Maternity are lifesavers at the moment. I've got a nice little collection of tops I'm wearing with my Bon Prix cropped jeans and a couple of gorgeous maxi dresses that might not be the most flattering shape but I stopped caring about that a long time ago!

Mood: Still a bit up and down due to all that's happened over the last month but mostly feeling positive and just the same as I did pre-diagnosis. Although I have definitely had a few super hormonal days where I've cried at photos of goats and a particularly pretty lamp. 

Worries: Lots but they feel like completely normal worries. I'm worried about my polyhydramnios because it's getting very heavy and painful at times which in turn makes me worry about going into early labour and then also the possibility of having it drained. I'm worried about what will happen when Pea is born and his first few days, mostly the idea of not being able to cuddle him and bring him home immediately. I'm worried about a lot of things but they feel normal in relation to the circumstances. 

Appointments: There was an endless slew of appointments with specialists and consultants for a while but they've slowed down now and I'm back to my regular midwife and obstetrician consultant appointments. Since getting the diagnosis my midwife has been visiting me weekly at home for informal chats as well as our scheduled antenatal appointments which have been really, really helpful. It's good to have someone to act as a sound board who can provide me with support as well as medical knowledge and advice. I seriously lucked out with her, she is bloody brilliant! 

Bump: Is huuuuuge! I'm bigger than I should be due to the polyhydramnios but I am oddly in love with my bump. Despite struggling to keep up with and get used to all the physical changes in my body I've loved my bump as soon as it appeared but even more so now it's a very obvious one. 

Best bit: Husband feeling Pea's kicks and movements finally! And having our first few Alien style movements too, they're so strange but magical!

Worst bit: The discomfort of the polyhydramnios and the sheer pain of SPD/PGP.  

Symptoms: Despite being sick a LOT during the two weeks in which we got our diagnosis and were in and out of hospitals, it's finally gone! I think it was probably due to the worry and stress but it's very nice to have hopefully seen the back of it. The heat and humidity is leaving me feeling a little lightheaded sometimes so I'm having to make sure I'm keeping hydrated and eating regularly. 

Movement: The little bugger is constantly moving around now! I'm starting to recognise his sleeping routines and what makes him jump about. His favourite position is laying across the bottom of my lower tummy with his head on my right side which means I'm feeling little hands stretching into my ribcage every now and then which is so uncomfortable! I'm also quite sure he does star jumps because I'm getting kicked in two or three different places at once sometimes! 

Looking forward to: Pea's bedroom being decorated at the weekend! I've got most of the furniture and decoration bits sorted so I'm really looking forward to it coming together. This is my Pinterest page dedicated to his grey, yellow and white themed nursery if you want to have a nose. 

Mrs D & Pea x

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