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Pregnancy Essentials

Growing a human is tough, there's no two ways about it. Your body changes in ways you could never imagine and so fast it makes your head spin but there are a few little things you can do and utilise that makes it a teeny bit easier. I've put together a list of what have been my pregnancy essentials for my first, second and third trimester. Obviously everyone is different and what might be magical for me could end up being rubbish for you but when it's 3am and you're on your 17th vomit of the day with no sleep and aches in places you never knew existed, you'll give anything a go! 

plus size maternity pyjamas

First Trimester Essentials
Lemonade ice lollies - When everything made me nauseous, even water, these were a life saver. The sugar in them stopped me feeling faint and the ice stopped me getting dehydrated. For some reason lemonade ones worked best for me.

Maternity pyjamas - Comfort is key during your first trimester.  I think I spent approximately 85% of mine in pyjamas and although my bump didn't show until a bit later on, I loved these 'I love my baby bump' jammies. They're super soft and I've grown into them nicely.

Seamfree Comfort Bras - My boobs were so, so sore up until about week 14. All my bras were suddenly too tight and hurt but having my bare boobs against even the softest of my pyjamas and lounge cloths was painful. These seamfree comfort bras were a god-send; so comfortable and gentle on my skin that I barely knew I had them on. I'm still wearing them now at 30 weeks.

Vitabiotics Pregnacare - Folic Acid is a must during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy and it's recommended you take other vitamins too. I was given a sample of these in my first Bounty pack so they're midwife recommended. I couldn't take these combined ones though due to needing a higher level of Folic Acid down to my high BMI so double check with your midwife before you take any extras.

ina may's guide to childbirth

Second Trimester Essentials
Moisturiser - If you want to try and avoid or at least slow down stretch marks, you're going to need to moisturise. I've been using the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil which is an oil-infused lotion. I HATE moisturising because I can't stand feeling all sticky and having to wait for it to dry but this stuff is fab. It dries almost instantly but leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. It also does well at relieving the itchiness on my belly from the skin stretching.

Rennies - My heartburn kicked in towards the end of my second trimester and I have been guzzling these like there's no tomorrow! I prefer these to Gaviscon because they're softer and the taste is less...tongue-coat-y.

Wiccy Magic Muscles - A lovely Lush employee recommended me this on Twitter for my lower back ache and it really is magic! It contains cinnamon and peppermint oils which help to warm and soothe the achiness that comes with pregnancy and especially SPD. It's blended with cocoa butter, jojoba butter, shea butter and coconut oil so melts against the skin leaving just enough buttery goodness for Mr D to massage my back for a good few minutes whilst the other side is packed with aduki beans which helps give a little resistance against any super knotty bits. Such a simple bit of luxury!

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - This book was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so grateful to her for doing so. I don't want to say too much about it because I'll be doing a review on it in the next couple of weeks but if you want a book on childbirth, this is the one!

birthing ball maternity pillow

Third Trimester Essentials
Swiss birthing/fitness ball - I spend most evenings on my birthing ball, either just sitting on it or on all fours on the floor leaning on it (usually with my big bum facing the very street-accessible living room window...). They're brilliant for during labour but also strongly recommended for SPD to take the pressure off the pelvis. There are different sizes for different heights so make sure you have a look at each ball to get the right one for you.

Desk fan - It's summer, I'm the size of a planet and I get hot. Fans are my best friend at the minute. I've got one in our bedroom and one in the living room opposite where I sit. We got ours from Tesco for £15 so they were pretty cheap but do the job perfectly. According to the weather forecast it's going to be 34 degrees on Wednesday so I might be clearing Tesco out of them this week.

Mothercare Maternity Sleep Plus Body Pillow  - As your bump grows and your body gets more tired, extra pillows or a maternity pillow are a must if you want a comfortable night's sleep. I don't have a maternity specific pillow but I wedge one between my knees, another smaller, thin one under my bump and hug one to my boobs. There's barely room left in the bed for Mr D though so I may treat myself to a proper body pillow in the new few weeks.

Lush Bubble Bars - I think I've had more baths during this pregnancy than I have in the last ten years, I cannot get enough bathtime. Now the SPD is making it difficult to stand for long and I'm getting very tired, showers have mostly been swapped for long leisurely baths. My favourite bath treat has been the Blue Skies And White Fluffy Clouds bubble bar by far. Patchouli and frankincense makes this bar incredibly relaxing and calming, plus it's huge which means I normally get around four baths out of it. Unless I'm feeling particularly decadent and then I chuck half of it in!

What are some of your first, second and third trimester pregnancy essentials?

Mrs D & Pea x

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  1. Those soft seam free bras a great! I sleep in them setimes still if my
    Boobs are tender pre periods. Still use a pillow between my knees too! Helps my knee and hip keep pain free :) If I never have another Rennie or bottle of Gavisvon it will be too bloody soon! You are doing great Mamma! so happy for you and Mr and can't
    Wait for Pea to get here ❤️


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