Friday, 8 May 2015

Wide Fit Sandals with New Look

Up until a few years ago the options for wide fit sandals were limited to frumpy looking granny numbers or £2 flip flops that fell apart within minutes. Fortunately though New Look have stepped up and saved our poor little tootsies with a huge range of wide fit summer shoes including gem adorned beauties, beaded pretties and the popular chunky style.

I'm desperately hoping my feet don't swell too much when it gets warmer so I can still look fabulous when I'm sweating buckets and waddling around in search of my next ice lolly.

The very first pair are definitely my favourite. As with most of these sandals, they come in various colours so if they don't take your fancy, the other colourway might! To have a closer look, just click the images.

Mrs D x


  1. I think New Look do great wide fit sandals... I just wish they also did EEE fit, as my feet are always too wide for their sandals. I'm fine with their other shoes, though, which is weird! I love the middle pairs in the first and second rows. xx

  2. I love the first pair and think it's a great idea to have a back strap, was always walking out of mine in summers past.


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