Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Frivolous Baby!

So lovely readers, it would appear that I am with child! Eek!

We found out at the beginning of January and it has been torture not being able to tell people! Mostly because I've felt so bloody awful I want the world to suffer with me. It's not been an easy few weeks, there have been some scary moments and I've been quite unwell which is why there's been a distinct lack of posts from me. I've been living in pyjamas and have probably only brushed my hair and put make-up on about three times this year! It's not been a pretty sight. 

It was quite a surprise, albeit an extremely pleasant and joyful one. I've discussed my issues with fertility and PCOS on here before and even documented my first couple of visits to a weightloss clinic I was attending in preparation for fertility help. As it was I got quite unwell with my brains and had to stop. Essentially I was told a few years ago that I would probably never have a child naturally and we were all set to go ahead with treatment in 18 months or so once I was coming towards the end of my degree. However, my body did something magic and I fell pregnant completely out of the blue! It still seems a bit surreal and we've been on tenterhooks for the last 8 weeks waiting for something to go wrong because it just seems too good to be true!

Pregnancy has been utterly shite so far but seeing our little pea (I'm not sure why but we've been calling it that!) today made it all worth it. He (I think it's a boy for some reason) was laying on his tummy so looks upside down in the little picture but we saw him wriggle around, kick his legs and turn to lay on his side which was so surreal!

When I found out I was pregnant I looked for some blogs about being plus size and pregnant and could only find American ones. There is so much scaremongering about being overweight and pregnant but so far all the issues I've had have been completely unrelated to my weight. With that in mind I'm opening a sister blog to Frivolous Mrs D called Frivolous Mama in a few weeks where I'm going to very honestly document my pregnancy, bad bits as well as good. (And then probably continue once pea is out!) I don't want to clog up this blog because it is a plus size fashion blog and I imagine the majority of you have zero interest in the workings of my womb!

However, it does mean that my fashion style is going to change a bit, mostly because it is nigh on impossible to find plus size maternity wear. It means I'm going to have to get creative but hopefully my fashion choices will still be interesting to some of you!

Mr D and I really are deliriously happy, I have never felt more in love with my silly, beardy man. And my body for making it happen! 


Mama D x


  1. YEYEYEY! I'm so happy we can talk about this and be publicly excited about this!! Congratulations you two, I couldn't be more happy for you! Xx

  2. So happy for you beautiful lady! look forward to reading your new blog. as a pregnant plus size lady myself a lot is assumed about my weight being the issue when there are always other things that can effect health to x

  3. Congratulations!! That's awesome! :)
    I've got two wonderful children here in Finland, both when I've been very overweight but thankfully haven't had almost any problems. In my second pregnancy I did have a pregnancy diabetes but the sugar values of my blood were mostly fantastic so I don't know if I even really had that. Both kids have been normal size & healthy and have been born naturally. So I hope this gives you hope of everything going well despite being a plus-sized pregnant woman!

  4. The world and it's wife seem to be getting pregnant recently! This post made me so happy. Congratulations!!!!! Absolutely amazing news x

  5. Such wonderful news congratulations xx

  6. What lovely, lovely news! Congratulations! Look forward to reading your updates on Frivolous Mama :)

  7. Yay! Congratulations. I'm sure will continue to look fabulous. Xxx

  8. Congratulations, I know how much that means to you and out of the blue too, even better! I guess it's true what they say "what's for you, won't go by you"! You take it easy as much as you can. So exciting : ) Yeah, I never understood the whole maternity clothes thing "just pick your usual size" errr so long as it's size 8-16 then! Then it's the opposite with bras, the bigger ones are all nursing bras, but some of us have big boobs without the baby! x

  9. Whoop whoop! So happy for you, I remember reading about your struggles with concieving And am so happy it happened for you! What fantastic news you will be a brill Mum x

  10. What wonderful news! Congratulations. Maybe you should start your own range of maternity wear :)

  11. Best news ever! Swing dresses and bodycon will be your best friends! Love to you and Mr and Baby Pea xxx

  12. Congratulations. I'm sitting here drinking my tea with a huge smile on my face reading your post. Its given me a hope that one day I will be joining the mummy club to. Hubbie and I have been trying for what feels like an eternity with no fertility issues discovered and being told that I need to lose weight which I am but I sometimes feel like giving up on my dream and see you and Mr D get this awesome news has given me a much need boast. I will absolutely be reading your mama blog along with this one. Congrats again :) Xx

  13. I neglect bloglovin for a couple of days and miss this?! Whaaat.... this is AMAZING news, congratulations sweet! I'm so happy for you xx

    I will 100% be following you on your journey into mummyhood... you are going to rock this! And how lucky you are that it's almost maxi dress season. Oh so comfy on the old bumpage! xx


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