Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spots and Sparkles

I've featured this polkadot Lana dress from Lindy Bop before but it's become one of my most reached for dresses so it's inevitable you'll see it again!

The main focus of this outfit though has to be my shoes; beautiful black glitter lace-up brogues from New Look. They're tacky and ridiculous and I could not love them more. I jazzed the jazzy shoes up a little bit more with some black and gold socks I picked up in the Sheffield Simply Be store. 

I normally go for a wide fit 8 in New Look shoes but these beauties were only available in regular fit so a 9 did just nicely. They do gap a little at the side, possibly due to my chubby ankles but the glittery joy outweighs the annoyance!

Hello big brother in the doorway!

Mrs D x



  1. Those shoes are really something special ... I like, a lot!

    C xx

  2. They are shoes of wonder! Brogues have been on my to buy list for a while but still haven't got round to it! Why are there so many pretty things when I have so little money and am on a spending ban x

  3. I don't think I've ever seen such pretty shoes before, I could imagine wanting to wear them every day! x

    Beth Tinkerbell

  4. That whole outfit looks perfect :)

  5. Oooh they are lush. :) I like them a lot. Wish I had seen them before Christmas as they would have gone perfect with my dress. :) I love that dress on you. Has anyone told you that you look like Gwen Stefani? :) I wish I could fit into Lindy Bop dresses, but I don't seem to find any that fits over my boobs. How do you find the fit in this one? :)

  6. LOVE those shoes!!!!!!!!

    I'm also a fan of the whole outfit! That dress with that necklace is so perfectly cheesecake!



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