Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spots and Sparkles

I've featured this polkadot Lana dress from Lindy Bop before but it's become one of my most reached for dresses so it's inevitable you'll see it again!

The main focus of this outfit though has to be my shoes; beautiful black glitter lace-up brogues from New Look. They're tacky and ridiculous and I could not love them more. I jazzed the jazzy shoes up a little bit more with some black and gold socks I picked up in the Sheffield Simply Be store. 

I normally go for a wide fit 8 in New Look shoes but these beauties were only available in regular fit so a 9 did just nicely. They do gap a little at the side, possibly due to my chubby ankles but the glittery joy outweighs the annoyance!

Hello big brother in the doorway!

Mrs D x


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cosy Cardis

Knitwear is the best thing about winter. I love nothing more than curling up on the sofa with a cat, a hot chocolate and cosy cardi wrapped round me. (Like I'm doing right now...)

I was sent this navy oversized cardigan from JD Williams before Christmas and it has quickly become a go-to item. It's a chunky, blanket stitch cardigan so it's really nice and toasty and hold it's shape well. The size 24/26 fits me perfectly, it's just the right amount of over sized so it doesn't drown me but it's still a little slouchy. 

It also comes in grey which I may treat myself to. I think it'd look fab with black skinny jeans and one of my many cat t-shirts!

I was also sent a purple sequin shrug which is so beautiful and sparkly but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to wear it yet! Mr D and I are going to visit my mum and step-dad at the weekend, I might see if they want to go out for dinner so I can bring it out! I'll definitely be blogging it when I do, it's too pretty not to. 

JD Williams have masses of knitwear all of which is reasonably priced, some of which is in the sale at the minute so go and grab yourself a bargain!

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Fitter State of Mind

The photos in this post are shamefully bad and I apologise! Winter light is dire, especially in the evening before we go to the gym so they're super grainy. I've also cut my head out because I really, really wasn't feeling my face yesterday haha!

At the beginning of December I was sent a few bits from plus size sportswear brand State of Mind who offer a range of active wear from sizes 14-28. I requested the black kick flare capris in a size 26 (I instinctively size up with trousers, I have no idea why!) and the casual hoodie in a 24 and they very kindly sent me the half zip top and yoga bat wing top too both in a size 24.

The kick flare capris are definitely my favourite of all four items. It's tough finding plus size sports wear in general but the thing I've struggled with most is trousers. They're almost always loose which isn't comfortable or conducive to exercising and moving around in. These are a Lycra mix so fitted but with lovely stretch to them. The waist-band is a fold over one but I'm a fan of a tummy warmer so kept mine pulled up! I probably could go down a size and get my usual size 24 because as I moved around they did fall down a smidge. Other than that though they are perfect and I'll definitely be favouring them for going to the gym!

I intended to wear the yoga bat wing top but unfortunately it was too small and I didn't feel comfortable. Both this and the half zip top were on the small side, mainly due to my massive boobs and tummy. They're generally both a bit of an issue! Although I prefer my trousers tight for exercising I quite like a loose top so I think I would size up to the 28 to make sure it's nice and baggy. I think I would prefer the yoga top without the little white bit because I find with big boobs these inserts tend to ride up a little. The material is similar to that of the trousers; a good stretchy but airy cotton. 

Although the casual hoodie is a 24, the same as the two tops, it fits perfectly. It's thicker than the trousers and tops so just right for warming up in and popping on on the way home to keep muscles warm. The fabric is super soft and comfortable plus it's long enough to cover my bum which is always a bonus! 

I'm really impressed with State of Mind and have already ordered a couple more bits. I'm just sorry that my photos don't do the products justice!

State of Mind are designed and manufactured in Britain which sounds like an insignificant thing to point out but it's quite rare to find with plus size clothing. They also have a whopping 50% off ALL items at the minute so go, go, go!

Mrs D x

Monday, 5 January 2015

Festive Scarlett & Jo

Completely unintentionally, I appear to have had a very Scarlett & Jo heavy festive period!

There really isn't a lot I can say about these dresses that I haven't said before. As always a size 24 fits perfectly, the quality is incredible and they all have such beautiful details. I seriously cannot speak highly enough of Scarlett & Jo, they continually impress me with every collection. I've had a sneak peek of the Spring and Valentine's collection and there are some seriously beautiful pieces in there!

Unfortunately Evans have sold out of the red and the black version is only available in a size 16 but it is in the sale for an incredible £13.50 so if you are a 16, grab it now!

This Red Floral Print Midi Dress is definitely my favourite S&J dress at the minute. I wore it to our annual Christmas Eve party where I drank a lot of Prosecco and orange juice and ate a lot of mini beef wellingtons. The cheeky spot sheer panel at the top is super cute and shows a hint of boob at the right angle! The thing I love most about the Scarlett & Jo tea/40s style dresses is the light shoulder padding. For someone with oddly narrow shoulders for my frame it gives my top half a much nicer shape and stops me looking so matronly in the boob department. Both the red and the black are in the sale for £30!

And lastly my trusty Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress which is out of stock in purple but has three other vibrant colour ways. The light in my mum's living room was awful but you can see the true colour and a full review here.

There are masses of Scarlett & Jo dresses in the sale and if you spend over £50 with Evans you can save £10 with the code NY15TREAT! Go forth and spend your Christmas money! 

Mrs D x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Be Realistic And Be Kind

It's January. The ground is covered in frost, there are sales as far as the eye can see and there are diet adverts and the idea of creating a 'new you' being rammed down your throat at every turn. I would be lying if I said that come 1st January I don't make a list of all the things I'd like to attempt for the year, both things that will inevitably make me the most peaceful, giving, wonderful human on Earth and tasks I can physically tick off. What won't be on my list however is the idea of a 'new year, new me'. 

There is so much pressure in January to make drastic, magical changes that realistically, will not work. The prospect of a fresh start and blank slate is incredibly refreshing. I love making the most of it by having a clear out in the spare room and chucking the 45 pairs of laddered tights I have in my drawer out but rather than put unnecessary pressure on yourself to become an entirely different person, focus on all the bits that make you wonderful. If you're a naturally kind person, make an effort to perform a random act of kindness every so often. If you have the ability to bake cakes that make people emit orgasmic noises, bake something to share with your colleagues once a month. 

If you want to make bigger changes pick things within realistic reach that will make your life that little bit brighter or easier. On my list of resolutions I want to try and get out of the house more often, try to keep on top of paperwork and filing and make more of an effort to see friends that don't live close to me. They're not going to turn me into an higher being but they are going to make my day to day life quite a bit nicer.

The big, obvious thing for the new year is weight loss. In the world of body positivity and fat acceptance weight loss isn't something we generally see as A Good Thing. It feeds into diet culture, the idea that fat = bad, thin = good and that you are generally not good enough. However, I'm a firm believer in allowing people to make their own decisions and if losing weight is something you want to do, please, please do it sensibly. Take the emphasis away from numbers and focus more on how your body and mind feels. If you're able to exercise, it can be wonderful for your brain. Exercise is something I discovered last year and the positive effect it has had on my mental health is immeasurable. I was sucked in by the smoothie fad (nobody's perfect) and started ingesting berries and bizarre seedy shit in the mornings instead of five biscuits and as a result the horrible, sluggish, dreary feeling I had every morning has gone. I probably haven't lost any chub because whilst I really love a blackberry or two every morning, I also have a fondness for cinnamon buns but I feel pretty good. 

However, my health isn't your business and your health isn't my business but please don't be sucked into diet culture and the idea that being physically smaller will change the way you feel about yourself. The only way to do that is to appreciate yourself in whatever form you take and not just your physical form. We judge ourselves for all sorts of things not just the way we look. If you lose your temper and snap at your child because it won't stop wailing Let It Go, don't be hard on yourself. If you wake up late and miss the bus, don't beat yourself up about it. And if you have made the decision to eat healthier and you find yourself munching on a doughnut, do not see it as a failure. It's not a slip up, it's not naughty, it's just a flippin' doughnut.

Being kind to your body and looking after yourself mentally doesn't happen over night. It takes time and it takes patience. Make realistic goals because you want to and you're ready to, not because the universe and it's perfectly groomed and toned show dog is telling you to. Basically, just be kind to yourself, you're pretty excellent the way you are.

Mrs D x

ps. If I see the phrase 'new year, new me' one more time I'm at risk of doing a dirty protest. 
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