Monday, 22 December 2014

Plus Size PJs

Pyjamas aren't something you see very often on fashion or style blogs but considering I spend approximately 74% of my life in them I thought it was about time to introduce them.

I have a touch of the Princess and the Pea syndrome and cannot sleep in pyjamas so mine are reserved for cosy evenings and lazy mornings, which incidentally I have rather a lot of. Pyjamas have to be comfortable, matching and cute and these Minnie Mouse 'jamas from Simply Be are all of those things. I'm not even slightly ashamed to say I love Minnie Mouse. Bow in her hair, polkadot dress, loud shoes...what's not to love?! 

Finding plus size pyjamas in cute cartoon prints is quite rare but Simply Be have quite a few including Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, 101 Dalmations and more Minnie Mouse. I really wish it was socially acceptable to wear pyjamas as regular clothes, really, really wish.

Mrs D x



  1. ...hang's not socially acceptable to wear PJ's in public?? Oops I clearly missed that memo lol! Great post hun xx

  2. Where I live it is common to see PJ's - so you would feel right at home if you lived here wearing them to the supermarket etc, but let me tell you they are not nearly as cute as those :)


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