Saturday, 25 October 2014

Voodoo Vixens & Retro Kitty Cats

When Voodoo Vixen announced they were extending their range into plus sizes I was so pleased and even more so when Fashion World and Simply Be started stocking them. I've always wanted a retro, pin-up style cardigan with a motif on the front of the shoulders but getting them in plus sizes is difficult. When I saw them on Simply Be I decided to try one out. I ordered the Retro Kitty Cardigan (obviously...) in a 4X which according to their sizing chart is a UK24. I was expecting it to be quite a bit roomier than it was because all the Modcloth dresses I own are a 3X and fit perfectly. I know sizing does differ in various places but it's quite frustrating!

The cardigan is very expensive at £42 but there is such a lack of plus size retro clothing in the UK that it didn't really surprise me. Whilst the material is very good quality and not thin in the slightest I was quite disappointed with the fit. It came up quite short, sitting around my waist despite having the shortest body in the history of short bodies. I wanted to wear it done up but unfortunately because it's so short it just didn't feel comfortable. However, it might look better with a pencil skirt rather than jeans. It doesn't look too bad undone but the back sits considerably further up than the front which does look a little odd. None of that will stop me wearing it though because it's so cute!

plus size retro cardigan

red hair and cat eye glasses

kitty cardigan with pearls

1950s cat eye glasses

Lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo
Vintage pearls
Spotty umbrella bought from Achica

Mrs D x

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Afternoon Tea with Scarlett & Jo

If there was ever a perfect occasion for the Scarlett and Jo jersey tea dresses it's afternoon tea. I have a few in my wardrobe that are well circulated and have been used for all sorts of occasion. My favourite style is this traditionally 40s style tea dress with the shaped neckline and buttons but I do love the wrap over bust and tie style of the one I wore a couple of weeks ago for afternoon tea at a 1940s style tea room with some friends.

Plus size vintage girl

Fat vintage

The extra details on these tea dresses are beautiful and each dress I own fits perfectly. They're all in my usual size 24 which is large enough on my big boobs, skims my equally massive hips nicely and due to the waist ties, it nips me in the right place. The best thing though? The length! I will forever love Scarlett & Jo for their perfect lengths because it's nigh on impossible to find pretty dresses that fall on or below the knee on my 5 ft 8 height. 

Plus size 1940s vintage tea dress

Illamasqua Corrupt lipstick

The new AW14 Scarlett & Jo collection is slowly being released and there are some seriously beautiful pieces on their way so keep an eye out!

Mrs D x

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lovely, Cosy Autumn

I realised last week as the air turned chillier and the drizzle began that the cardigans I've been carrying around just in case all summer were not going to cut it. Yours Clothing must have sensed this somehow and kindly asked if I wanted to try this Black and grey long sleeve jumper!

I usually steer away from jumpers because I'm a sensitive soul and they can be a little itchy sometimes. However, despite being a mere £14, this jumper is really soft and didn't irritate me once during the day. It's a medium knit so perfect for snuggling up in during Autumn.

The sides are slightly ruched and the lovely long sleeves are turned up. They're small things but little touches make a big difference. Yours also sent me some gorgeous aubergine coloured jeans but thanks to my ridiculous long legs and wide hips, they were too small. They would have looked so good with the jumper! Instead I made do with some black jeans, showed my darker hair colour (specially for Autumn!) off with an unnecessarily large hair flower and cracked out my favourite Autumnal lipstick.

Yours Clothing have really stepped it up a notch lately. I'm guilty of overlooking them sometimes but then I see something on someone else or wander into my local shop (another reason I love them, they're one of the very few plus size shops in Northamptonshire!) and I remember what a gorgeous range of clothes they have. And what brilliant value it is. I can't get over the fact that this jumper is only £14! I'm definitely going to add more colourways to my wardrobe.

Are you a fan of jumpers?

Mrs D x

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

International Polkadots

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding aniversary last week so we splurged on a really lovely meal and cocktails at the weekend. I wanted to wear something pretty but still quite casual. Husband is a fan of my polkadot dresses and I've been dying for somewhere to wear this beautiful polkadot cut out dress from eShakti so it seemed a good opportunity. 

I've wanted to order from eShakti for years but as they only ship to the US I couldn't do that without using a re-direct service. Earlier in the year though I bit the bullet and tried out Reship. The joining fee was small, only around £2.50 and that was the only payment I had to make to them. They gave me an address in Portland when signing up and I apprehensively sent my eShakti order there. My order arrived there within the week leaving me at the courier stage. Using their shipping quote form I decided to use DHL which is a company I'm familiar with and have had no issues with before. The shipping charge from the US to here was around £60 which I didn't think was so bad at the time because I had gotten three dresses for the price of two and used a few vouchers. However, that is when the simplicity stopped. 

It took three weeks for my order to reach the UK and once it had cleared customs it disappeared. The tracking information stopped and it took another 12 days of frustrated calls and emails to DHL to track it down. Once they located it there was even more hassle when the tracking information told me it had been delivered but it hadn't! It was incredibly frustrating but it did eventually arrive safely. With extra customs charges to pay, obviously.

The three dresses I ordered are absolutely gorgeous and they fit beautifully. For the first time ever they are exactly the right length! Normally with US sizing each size covers two sizes, for example a 3X is around a 22/24 but with eShakti you can select either of those sizes to make it more specific. You also enter your height and even alter the neck line, sleeve and dress length and remove any pockets, although why anyone would take pockets away is beyond my comprehension! 

For the cost of the extra shipping plus the hassle I'm not sure I would use a re-direct service again but I am pleased I tried it because I got three beautiful dresses out of it! 

This polkadot pretty is definitely my favourite. The shape is beautiful, the waist sits in exactly the right place and the little cut out triangle makes me feel a teeny bit daring! Although Mr D says I'm so pale it just looks like a white insert haha!

The necklace I'm wearing was my wedding gift from Mr D. It was a complete surprise as we said we weren't going to buy eachother them! It has a heart with my initial on, a pearl and a seashell (because he proposed on a pier). I love saving it to wear on special occasions.

Dress from eShakti
Lipstick is Besame Red from Besame

Have you ever used a re-direct service? I'd be really interested to hear other peoples' experiences. 

Mrs D x

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Comfy, Comfy, Clarks

During my teens I was very guilty of wearing shoes that were far too small for me and left me with crippling blisters that meant I winced with every step. As I've gotten older though I've swapped the ridiculous for the comfortable and my feet are so very thankful for it!  I've come to terms with the fact that my feet are more a 9 than an 8 and I definitely do need a wide fit. Unfortunately that means I'm quite limited to where I can shop. I've learnt to wait until I find shoes I really love and spend that little bit extra than grabbing whatever fits for a tenner. There are a handful of places I know I'll always find something I love that are guaranteed to fit and Clarks are one of them.

I own a few pairs of brogues from Clarks so when I was offered a pair of shoes to review I made sure I went for something a little different. It was difficult though because they have so many gorgeous brogues in their AW14 collection! I went in store to choose them which isn't something I do very often but I'm really glad I did because it meant I got to see what the colours were really like and have a feel of the materials. The young girl who served me was so helpful and didn't bat an eyelid when I handed her five pairs of shoes and asked to try them in a wide fit 8, wide fit 9 and a standard 9. Because I'm an incredibly awkward person the pair I fell in love with weren't in stock in a wide fit 9 so I had them sent next day delivery to my house. It wasn't quite the same as leaving the shop swinging a bag of shoes gleefully but it was a nice surprise when I forgot I'd ordered them the next day!

The pair I chose were the Griffin Molly shoes in patent oxblood, a colour I am all over at the minute. They're £44.99 which might seem a lot but considering how sturdy (and beautiful!) they are, they're definitely worth it.

If your feet are on the larger end of the scale, have a look at Clarks, I can't recommend them enough! And if your feet aren't but you just love shoes, have a look too! They have some really lovely smart shoes in at the minute in gorgeous autumnal colours. 

Clarks Autumn Shoes

Mrs D x

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Baker Days - Cakes Through the Letterbox?

Yes, you read it right, you can get cake through your letterbox! These magical cakes come from Baker Days who very kindly offered to send me a cake a few weeks ago. As it was my wedding anniversary last week I requested this personalised anniversary cake, Rather impressively our cake only took a couple of days to be delivered and even more impressively we managed to keep it in the tin two whole weeks until our anniversary!

My cake arrived in this lovely tin which I was overjoyed about because I really, really love pretty storage tins! The sealed cake was laid on a tab so you don't have to tip the tin upside down to get it out and risk ruining it. It sounds silly but this little addition was completely genius to me. Because the cake is covered in sugar paste it keeps for a lot longer than you'd except.

Cake is always my go to gift for friends' and families' birthdays when I struggle with what to get them which is perfect I'm lucky enough to live close by to them but for the ones that I don't, a letterbox cake would be perfect. Baker Days cakes can be personalised as well as their cupcakes so you can make out you've made masses of effort when really, it's pretty simple! They are some brilliant patterns and designs so go have a browse.

Mrs D x

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