Saturday, 27 September 2014

My Evans Collective Outfit

When I was deciding what to wear to the Evans Design Collective catwalk I toyed with the idea of buying something new and trying out something on trend. I've always felt a bit funny calling this a fashion blog because I don't tend to follow fashion very well. I like the way I dress and I'm very happy in my silly, childish dresses and boring cardis but sometimes I do feel like I should dip my toe in the trendy stuff. However a few sensible words from Mrs BeBe and I realised that I do what I do well and why should I mix it up unless I really want to? Some days I do enjoy putting my jeans on and being more casual but honestly, the idea of really on trend fashion scares me a little bit! 

And so, I decided that London Fashion Week would have enough fashionable folk around so I opted for something I loved that already lived in my wardrobe. 

Evans wide fit flats (no longer available)

What would you wear to London Fashion Week?!

Mrs D x

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  1. I'm with you on the feeling a bit scared of what's considered "on trend" lol. I was chatting to my 18 year old daughter only yesterday about the "trend" of wearing trainers/converse with pretty dresses, like proper pretty prom dress types. What's that all about then?! Pretty dresses require beautiful high heels in my book (in my dreams anyway, I can't walk in them) or at least some pretty ballet flats style shoes. She looked at me sadly, with much pity in her eyes and declared "oh mum, that's what people wear these days" so I skulked off, feeling about 95 .

    I think you looked gorgeous in that outfit! And that's what it should be about isn't it? What makes you look and more importantly, FEEL good... whether that's the latest edgy fashion or something the fashionistas would recoil in horror from, that's what the plus size community is all about, wearing whatever YOU want to wear :-) xx


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