Saturday, 13 September 2014

Do You Want Curves With That?

During my greebo and then emo phase as a teenager I was obsessed with t-shirts with quirky shit on them like this gem...

Quirky t-shirt? Check. Black hair with a big sweepy fringe? Check. Weird scrunchy pout? Check. Must be MySpace!
I grew out of my emo kid phase, thankfully and gradually put weight on (they weren't linked...) which meant t-shirt options were seriously limited. Slogan t-shirts don't tickle my fancy at all. I think because I very rarely wear jeans I feel like I want my top to be fun and different. Enter, Nicky Rockets!

"T-shirts designed for, and inspired by, all the curvy super women in the world", Nicky Rockets was created by the fabulous duo of Betty Pamper and her awesome husband, Nick. All five designs feature a sexy, curvy goddess and are available in standard round neck, slash neck, vest and lady fit from a size small right up to XXXL. For reference I'm wearing an XXXL here and I'm a size 24. If I wanted a really tight fit I could have gone down a size.

Another thing that was eradicated with my emo phase was black clothing so I added a pop of colour to compliment my big boobied babe. I adore these shoes and they've featured quite heavily in my outfit posts this summer but with the onset of dewy morning grass and cold toes they're going to be retired soon so I'm getting the most out of them! Fortunately I had a cardigan lurking in my wardrobe that matched it perfectly.

The cats just can't let me have any of the limelight.
I got this sweet hair bow at Twinwood, I wish I could remember the name of the shop! My hair is shit so focus on the bow and cherries...
Evans button down cardigan (no longer available in this colour)

Mrs D x



  1. I thought you'd snapped a pic of a friend of mine in the first picture...can't believe how alike you are!!

    Also you look gorgeous. I love the outfit. I too don't wear heans but i could wear it with a skirt and cardigan. Love the cardi too...such a great colour.

    I have those shoes. I love them. Xx

  2. Oh wow your first piccie reminds me of my Threadless addiction back when I was an indie kid with my sweepy home-chopped haircut! Ahhh thems were the days hah xx

  3. You look amazing-my beautiful friend xx

  4. I am desperate for one of these t-shirts but they're clearly V. popular, they're all OOS at the moment in the XXXL :-( x


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