Saturday, 16 August 2014

Green & Red Isn't Just For Christmas!

Since having my red hair I've developed a strong love for green clothes. I fell in love with this Modcloth dress as soon as I set my eyes on it and I was not disappointed when it arrived. The big lace trim collar is perfect, the belt finishes it perfectly and it has the holy grail of plus size clothing; pockets!

I wore this to a sunny pub lunch with my mum and step-dad. I'm used to getting second glances where they live in the back of beyond in Suffolk but this was the first time I'd worn a dress above my knee with my tattoo slightly on made quite the impression on the old men in the pub!

Scallop satchel from ASOS (Mini size available only)
Not a Lotta Rosie headband from Crown and Glory

Mrs D x

ps. Bonus photo of me trying to explain to my mum how to take a photo on my iPhone. She ended up taking a burst of 198 haha!



  1. I'm sure the old boys of Suffolk thought you were fab. I love how you have to change your wardrobe when you colour your hair. It makes such a difference.


  2. What a wonderful dress!

    kisses from Germany

    xxx Elli

  3. Love the dress and your hair colour :)


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