Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tea Party Polkadots

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Tanya had a tea party to celebrate her 40th birthday. I met Tanya last year when she came to my first plus size clothes swap and over the last year she has blossomed into this confident, head-held-high woman who has a penchant for some seriously beautiful dresses! Including the plus size Birdie dress (that I've been eyeing up for years...damn her!) from Pinup Girl Clothing. Doesn't she look amazing?!

Mine isn't quite as fabulous but I still love it! More often than not when I buy clothes I have to go away, think about it and revisit to make sure I really want the item but with this Samya polkadot shirt dress from Simply Be I didn't have to do that, I knew I wanted it right away! Samya is not a brand I'm familiar with so I was a little unsure about sizing but I went for my usual 24 and it was perfect. It is a shirt dress so I was expecting it to be tight over my boobs but until I can take it (and the seven other dresses I need altering) to the dress maker a little black chemise maintained what little modesty I have.  

The dress has a net underskirt to give it that little 1950s style flare and a tie waist to cinch you in. It hit me just on the knee so I felt okay without anything on my legs. I even hit the double and went cardigan free and let my dimply upper arms see the daylight. I teamed it with my favourite pink slip on shoes and red lipstick. Thinking about it now I really should have gone with pink lipstick!

The kitties always have to get involved!

I had to share a bonus photo of the incredible cupcakes Tanya had at her tea party, I was scared to eat them! 

Mrs D x



  1. Awwwwww shush! Too kind really.... But we DO look fabulous in this picture dahling! 💖

  2. You both look gorgeous!

    Those cakes are fab! Where are they from? I need to have a tea party just so I can have those cakes.


  3. You look amazing! I bloody love your dress! xx

  4. You both look amazing, and I love both dresses. :) xx


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