Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Trying Something New - Kimono

Since I started this blog two and a half years ago my style has gone through a few changes. I tried jeans for the first time last year and have branched out of my comfort zone of dresses and cardigans bit by bit. That's not to say my wardrobe isn't still 90% dresses and cardigans but my dresses aren't as long, I'm not wearing woolly tights as much and I've worn more jeans in the last year that I have in my life. 

One trend I've really enjoyed seeing on fellow plus size bloggers over the last couple of seasons is kimonos. Becky from Mrs BeBe Blog is the biggest kimono advocate and she works them so well either with a subtle outfit or clashing with other prints. I wasn't quite brave enough to clash so I stuck to a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a black vest top. Not the most sensational combination but it was a good first dip into the world of kimonos! 

I was quite hungover after an evening of burlesque, drinking gin from tea cups and remembering the dance routines from excellent 90s bands so I am unmake-upped and pretty scary! This kimono did cheer me up a treat though. It's from New Look's Inspire range and was one of my complementary items when I reviewed the Collect+ service at Westfield, London. I wanted to bring out a bit of the colour in the kimono so I used my cute wicker handbag that Hanna gave me a while ago and my pink wide fit flats from Simply Be. 

This particular kimono is out of stock unfortunately but here are a few other gorgeous ones I've seen lately. 

 top left  -  top right
bottom left  -  bottom right
The rose and mint one is definitely my favourite! Which is yours?

Mrs D x

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tea Party Polkadots

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Tanya had a tea party to celebrate her 40th birthday. I met Tanya last year when she came to my first plus size clothes swap and over the last year she has blossomed into this confident, head-held-high woman who has a penchant for some seriously beautiful dresses! Including the plus size Birdie dress (that I've been eyeing up for years...damn her!) from Pinup Girl Clothing. Doesn't she look amazing?!

Mine isn't quite as fabulous but I still love it! More often than not when I buy clothes I have to go away, think about it and revisit to make sure I really want the item but with this Samya polkadot shirt dress from Simply Be I didn't have to do that, I knew I wanted it right away! Samya is not a brand I'm familiar with so I was a little unsure about sizing but I went for my usual 24 and it was perfect. It is a shirt dress so I was expecting it to be tight over my boobs but until I can take it (and the seven other dresses I need altering) to the dress maker a little black chemise maintained what little modesty I have.  

The dress has a net underskirt to give it that little 1950s style flare and a tie waist to cinch you in. It hit me just on the knee so I felt okay without anything on my legs. I even hit the double and went cardigan free and let my dimply upper arms see the daylight. I teamed it with my favourite pink slip on shoes and red lipstick. Thinking about it now I really should have gone with pink lipstick!

The kitties always have to get involved!

I had to share a bonus photo of the incredible cupcakes Tanya had at her tea party, I was scared to eat them! 

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Perfect Pear

Joe Browns have been with Simply Be for as long as I can remember and although they've never really been my cup of tea I've always admired their items because if you look at their range as a whole it's quite unlike anything else. Their items are full of bold patterns, unique prints and quite often have a grungy/hippy feel. There are often a few steampunk inspired items too! Despite not being hugely drawn to many of their items I do enjoy having a browse just because it's refreshing to see these sort of clothes available in plus sizes! However, during one of these regular browsings last month I happened upon a few dresses that really caught my eye, one of which was this Perfect Pear dress.

I have no idea why I'm standing like a sack of potatoes.
It fits perfectly in every aspect and gives me a really lovely shape (even if it is covered up with a cardi here!). The collar and pearl button detailing is so sweet I can barely stand it. Normally I would say it's a little too short for my liking but since having my thigh tattoo done I've got new found leg confidence! For the first time ever I've ditched the black tights and leggings when wearing dresses that fall well above the knee and have been opting for flesh coloured tights instead. I'm still not quite ready for completely bare legs simply because they're so bloody white they're veering towards blue! This does mean though that I committed the cardinal sin of wearing open toe shoes with tights...I'm sorry, universe.

Let's pretend this nail technician who gets free weekly beauty treatments doesn't have toes that look like that...
Seeing as it was Sunday and we were only going to do really thrilling things like buy a new shower rod and carpet cleaner because yes, I have already spilt coffee on our week old carpet, I didn't fancy putting much make-up on. Well, it wasn't much for me, just my new Sleek CC Cream, a bit of powder, blusher, a slick of mascara and my gorgeous MAC Lady Danger lipstick. My poor hair has been neglected since I started in my new salon but I'm having my colour refreshed tomorrow so normal offensively bright hair service will resume!

Perfect Pear dress from Joe Brows at Simply Be (reduced from £55 to £33.50!)

These are the few other bits I have my eye on!

Mrs D x
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