Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Pastels

This was a quick outfit I put together for a course I went on last week, I didn't put too much thought into it but it turned out rather well! I've bought a few of these Swing vests from Evans lately. They're not like anything I own, they're quite plain but they're super comfy and work really well with a pair of jeans. They're loose enough for summer and don't get too clingy or sweaty when it's warm out. 

Lipstick is Lady Danger which is back, finally!

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Polkadots and Pudding

Polkadots and puddings are up there with my most favourite things so any opportunity to combine the two is good with me. I missed out on this spotty prom dress from Scarlett & Jo when it was first released but luckily for me Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge was selling one a while back so I was quick to get my chubby little hands on it!

We found this cute little dessert shop in the village we stayed in in Wales earlier this month. All the little shops in the village were beautiful with ornate doorways and big windows. It was next door to a lovely restaurant we had dinner in on our last night but unfortunately for us the dessert shop was closed by the time we were finished! That didn't stop me posing for a couple of photos with it though. 

Opaque tights from Evans
Brogues from Clarks 

I would have preferred to have worn fancier shoes but I had only packed Welsh Valley exploring appropriate ones! It's something I love about these dresses though, dressed the right way they can look very fancy and work really well for special occasions but can also be dressed down quite easily. Which works for me because we all know I hate letting beautiful dresses gather dust in the hopes of having somewhere appropriate to wear them to! Forever overdressed is always best. 

Mrs D x


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mother Daughter Duo

My mum is my best friend. We don't always agree on everything and we argue like any mother and daughter but we're also extremely close and I genuinely don't know what I would do without her. One of my favourite things about my mum is that she's silly. She likes to misbehave and mess around especially in public which probably embarrassed me as a teenager but as an adult I find it bloody funny and like to join in! I spent a week in Wales earlier this month which my family so I naturally tried to rope them into taking outfits photos with me. The results were quite amusing! 

Let's start with my actual outfit. I've been after some crop/pedal pusher style jeans for the summer but for some reason they don't seem too popular this year. The only ones I could find were these coloured ones from Simply Be which are comfortable and look okay but they're not quite what I'm looking for. They could do with being a little shorter in the leg and they don't have the split at the sides but in terms of comfort they're spot on. However, I do get a baggy crotch in them which I definitely don't like! I'm not sure I'll get masses of wear out of these trousers but they do the job when I just want to throw something functional on.

I got her to pose for a couple of outfit photos because I really, really love the dress she's wearing. I've been trying to get her to try swing dresses for ages but they're quite different to what she normally wears so she was a little apprehensive. However, I think this looks lovely! I might have told her the shoes went though...haha! We were going out for the day and she only had those or completely not sensible sandals and I didn't want her to wear those so I lied and said these matched...

My beautiful mama, she's got the pose down!
Then we got silly...

My outfit details;
Jeans from Simply Be
Top from Evans (no longer available but there are lots similar)
Cardigan from Tu at Sainsburys
Necklace from Tu at Sainsburys
Shoes from Evans

Mum's outfit details;
Dress from Yours
Leggings from Yours
Shoes idea!

Mrs D x

ps. Bonus photo...I even managed to get my step-dad to join in!


Friday, 13 June 2014

ORbergine or OHbergine?

How do you say aubergine? I say oh but husband says or, I am clearly right but I'm open to suggestions. Why am I asking about aubergines? Because my new Modcloth dress is the perfect shade of!

I've talked about my love for Modcloth twice before and my broken heart due to it's lack of UK site because it means I don't get to order as much as I would like due to the shipping and customs charges. I had a little brainwave last month and asked a few others if they wanted to go in on a big order and split the costs. Three others said yes and after lots of calculating and decisions I placed a rather large order. (Little shout out to Jenna from the Modcloth customer care dept who was incredibly helpful and lovely, thank you Jenna!)

I wore this beautiful Work to Play dress to do a bit of shopping in whilst Mr D and I were in Cardiff. Cardiff is famous for it's pretty little shopping arcades which is where we stopped to take a couple of outfit photos.

Plus size outfit

Plus size outfit

Plus size outfit

As with 99% of the dresses I own I would have preferred it to be a little longer but I rather like wearing these little cropped leggings with dresses now, I just wish I could find some more. The dress fits perfectly, it's not at all tight over my bust and fits well on my waist. The grey accents make it for me though, it's not a colour combination I would have thought of but it goes perfectly. Next time I'm going to try it with some little grey flats and matching nail polish. I teamed it with my favourite cardigan and brooch. The brooch accidentally got put through the wash a few weeks ago so it's a little washed out but still cute!

Dress from Modcloth
Cardigan from South at Very (sold out but similar here and here)
Brooch from Grace Face Boutique
Leggings from Evans (old)
Shoes from Evans
Handbag from ASOS

Mrs D x
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