Thursday, 15 May 2014

Activewear for Fatties!

This post follows on from my last one about my experience of being fat and going to a yoga class. Taking Shape sent me these bits months and months ago but I hadn't had a chance to use them yet so hadn't featured them. I didn't want to just review how they fit but more how they fared up against being worn to exercise and move about in. 

Ready to get yoga-ing!
I've never found activewear so comfortable before. It usually consists of hideous baggy tracksuit bottoms that are skin tight on the thighs and sag at the knees and oversized t-shirts. Taking Shape activewear is exactly the same as the activewear people under a size 18 get. Everything fit perfectly and because it has sports-tech fabric it kept me cool and stopped me getting too stinky. The leggings did start to fall down a bit after an hour of stretching and yoga-ing but I fully expected that because I asked for an XXL when I could have easily gotten into a XL. The jacket was perfect for the cooling down/relaxation part of the class, it's not overly heavy and warm on but retains just the right amount of heat to protect muscles. I went for an XXL in both the polo and the jacket because I much prefer things to be loose when I'm exercising so I don't feel too self conscious about things sticking to me. 

Taking Shape Live-in Jacket (down to £15 from £35!)
Taking Shape Infinity Polo (down to £9 from £20)

There's quite a few more activewear items on the website so if you're a size 14-26, have a look

Mrs D x

These items were gifted to me but I wasn't paid to write this. 


  1. These look really nice. I guess you could try taking in the bottoms a little bit if they're too big. Although I'm not sure if the material would hold the stitches very well as it'll be a bit slippery. My work shirts are made of that material and it's great because if it gets when(which it always does because I work in an aquarium) then it dries so quickly.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Wow, they look lovely. I always work out in baggy jogging bottoms and an oversized t shirt but they're too big and I get tangled up in them! They've got some lovely stuff at good prices!

  3. You look great in them! They look comfortable and practical!

  4. Great to see something comfy and functional. I especially like the leggings. They look good but seem functional and supportive! :)


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