Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Minty Fluffy Dream

I'll start this by saying these photos are awful so I'm sorry! I think there was too much light on me and my camera gave up on focusing for a moment. You can still see the clothes though so it's not a total failure.

As soon as I saw this minty fluffy dream in the photoshoot the lovely Betty Pamper did for Yours Clothing I knew it would be mine. I love an eyelash knit cardigan and I love pastels so it was a no brainer. It comes in mint green, coral pink, grey and black. I've acquired the mint green, I'm not too fussy about the black so now I need to set my sights on the grey and coral pink!

I look like a cartoon...

The only problem with this cardi is that the fluff sheds more than my two cats combined. Husband and I went to a funeral a few weeks ago and I made the mistake of wearing it the day before in the car so I spent most of the funeral picking green fluff of his and his dad's suit! It's a small fluffy price to pay though because it is a beauty. 

Tie Front Striped Top from TU @ Sainsburys
Lipstick is MAC Fabulously Flat

Mrs D x

1 comment

  1. I love that colour on you. And I like the cardigan. Looks like a good length too. However, the shedding would drive me insane :(
    I miss you. Really miss you.


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