Thursday, 29 May 2014

Back Soon!

By the time you read this I will be making my way to Wales where I'll spend the next 10 days shivering inside a cottage reading my Kindle and pretending I really don't mind that it's raining so much I need to swim to the nearest pub. 

If I were an organised sort of blogger I would have regular posts scheduled but I'm more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-bloomers kind of gal so er, that hasn't happened. No doubt my Instagram will be full of photographical updates though so give me a follow and have a nose!

See you in 10 days, lovers!

Mrs D x

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Collect+ at Westfield

Collect+ at Westfield
Last week I was invited along to Westfield shopping centre/universe to trial the new Collect+ lounge. You'll have noticed that when you buy from certain places online you have the option of returning items to a designated place. The new Collect+ service at Westfield gives you the opportunity to have parcels sent there instead of your home address so you can go and try your items on in their gorgeous lounge so if you need to send anything back you can hand it back to them and it's done for you! For a serial not-sender-backer like me this is perfect because it means someone else does the leg work for me and items I don't actually want don't end up sitting in the back of my wardrobe for months on end. There are masses of online stores that use the Collect+ service including plus size friendly New Look, ASOS and Very.

Fancy desk that looks a bit like a bath!

The Click and Collect concierge desk and lounge is located on the middle car park which makes it perfect for running it and out of without having to navigate your way round the enormous mall. The lounge itself is really chilled out and luxurious with big, squishy chairs, good lighting (always helpful!) and large changing rooms. We were offered a complementary drink and all the staff were really friendly and eager to help. It was so handy having somewhere to try things on with decent mirror space and time to flap around and get a feel for the items. I also loved having people with me for opinions and such which obviously isn't something you get when you're at home. Unless you count my husband saying 'yeh, s'alright' without even looking up. 

Comfy seats and crazy walls, always a winner.
Beautiful little touches.
Hanna, Mimmi, Em and Danie enjoying the comfy chairs!
"Do you drink beer, Danie?" "No, but it's free."
The Collect+ chairs definitely got my seal of approval and as someone who sits down a LOT, that's high praise. Also, yes, that it my bra.
We were all just expecting to have fun with trying bits on and lounging around but we were very kindly treated to a few extra fancies such as hand massages and champagne at Jo Malone, amazing champagne cocktails at Searcy's and the biggest (and tastiest) lunch at Shawa that I have ever seen in my life.

Em being pampered.
Danie being pampered.
This Silk Blossom fragrance was beautiful.
Mimi, Hanna and Lauren being pampered.
DanVan enjoying more free booze!
Emma and Lauren looking gorgeous. 
Cocktails! And bloggers doing what they do best ;)
Cocktail time at Searcy's!
Dinner for, really. 

It was a wonderful day, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Collect+ service definitely gets a thumbs up from me, it's a brilliant idea and I really hope they open up more lounges around the country. It would make shopping far less painful!

My day was rounded off nicely with an evening of yum-yums, blankets and Made in Chelsea with my lovely, Danie!

Perfect way to end the day!

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Minty Fluffy Dream

I'll start this by saying these photos are awful so I'm sorry! I think there was too much light on me and my camera gave up on focusing for a moment. You can still see the clothes though so it's not a total failure.

As soon as I saw this minty fluffy dream in the photoshoot the lovely Betty Pamper did for Yours Clothing I knew it would be mine. I love an eyelash knit cardigan and I love pastels so it was a no brainer. It comes in mint green, coral pink, grey and black. I've acquired the mint green, I'm not too fussy about the black so now I need to set my sights on the grey and coral pink!

I look like a cartoon...

The only problem with this cardi is that the fluff sheds more than my two cats combined. Husband and I went to a funeral a few weeks ago and I made the mistake of wearing it the day before in the car so I spent most of the funeral picking green fluff of his and his dad's suit! It's a small fluffy price to pay though because it is a beauty. 

Tie Front Striped Top from TU @ Sainsburys
Lipstick is MAC Fabulously Flat

Mrs D x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Activewear for Fatties!

This post follows on from my last one about my experience of being fat and going to a yoga class. Taking Shape sent me these bits months and months ago but I hadn't had a chance to use them yet so hadn't featured them. I didn't want to just review how they fit but more how they fared up against being worn to exercise and move about in. 

Ready to get yoga-ing!
I've never found activewear so comfortable before. It usually consists of hideous baggy tracksuit bottoms that are skin tight on the thighs and sag at the knees and oversized t-shirts. Taking Shape activewear is exactly the same as the activewear people under a size 18 get. Everything fit perfectly and because it has sports-tech fabric it kept me cool and stopped me getting too stinky. The leggings did start to fall down a bit after an hour of stretching and yoga-ing but I fully expected that because I asked for an XXL when I could have easily gotten into a XL. The jacket was perfect for the cooling down/relaxation part of the class, it's not overly heavy and warm on but retains just the right amount of heat to protect muscles. I went for an XXL in both the polo and the jacket because I much prefer things to be loose when I'm exercising so I don't feel too self conscious about things sticking to me. 

Taking Shape Live-in Jacket (down to £15 from £35!)
Taking Shape Infinity Polo (down to £9 from £20)

There's quite a few more activewear items on the website so if you're a size 14-26, have a look

Mrs D x

These items were gifted to me but I wasn't paid to write this. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fatty Does Yoga

You'll probably have realised that this year thus far has been incredibly tough. My mental health took a plummet like I've never experienced and for the first few months of this year I was extremely unwell. I can't recall a lot of this year and to be honest I'm quite glad because it's not something I want to relive. Fortunately, after a lot of effort on my mum's behalf, I got some support and through a series of trying assessments and such I am on a delightful cocktail of new medication and am trying new therapies. The biggest thing that has come from all of this is that I simply need to treat myself a bit better and one of the things I want to start doing is some exercise. Although it's something I've always known will help I've avoided it for a long time even though I know that exercise = endorphins which = a happier and more relaxed Mrs D. 

Yoga is something I did years and years ago and I've wanted to get back into for ages but general anxiety and fear of being mocked for not being able to do things due to my size has prevented me from going. Getting as poorly as I did combined with reading this brilliant post from Callie at exactly the right time encouraged me to try it at least once. I asked around on Twitter for peoples' experiences of being fat and doing yoga and the general response was a positive one which spurred me on even more. Fortunately my lovely hairy husband volunteered to come with me which was an enormous help and despite both of us having reservations for different reasons, we both really loved it.

When I started looking for a class I stayed away from gym run ones because my experience of those has never been good. I simply googled local yoga classes and had a good look at each website. I really wanted to find one that was going to be inclusive with an experienced teacher who would be supportive and able to alter things should I need it. There was one website that had an FAQ section with things like 'do I have to be slim and super fit to take part?' and 'I'm worried that I won't be able to do some of the postures' which made me think it would be a good fit for me. Unfortunately husband and I decided not to contact her first and just turned up on the one week out of the year when she was on a course! I had really built myself up to go so was a bit disappointed but when we got home I sent her an email to say we would like to attend and also mentioned that I was concerned about my size. She was really lovely and said it wouldn't be an issue at all and she always gave alternatives to postures. She made me feel very relaxed and I'm so glad we went the next week because it was brilliant!

When we arrived I was a little worried because everyone else was obviously quite experienced and got straight into stretching out and such. The teacher immediately put us at ease though because she was so friendly and enthusiastic, plus she talks a lot which I like in people because it makes me feel better about the fact that I talk a lot too! She had a little chat with us beforehand about what to expect and what we'd be doing. As she said she gave alternative postures to everything even though we were the only ones who needed them and she made sure we were happy with what we were doing. There were a few things that I couldn't physically do because of my fat and she was very good at noticing that and offering me alternates in a discreet way which I really appreciated. The main things I was unable to do were things that involved my upper body being near to the floor whilst in floor positions simply because my tummy and boobs were in the way. Yoga is meant to be an 'as much as you can comfortably do' exercise so I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong or that I wasn't good enough. It turns out that despite being a porker I'm still incredibly flexible, more flexible than Mr D-the-active-rower which made me feel quite smug! 

The whole experience wasn't a fraction as unnerving as I thought it would be and it had such a positive result. The fact that I was able to actually get out and do something that scared me made me feel like I'd really achieved something, the using my body in ways I don't normally and physical side of yoga made me feel energised and the relaxing, mindful element of yoga made me feel so chilled out and focused. It's definitely something I'm going to keep up.

If you're toying with the idea of doing some exercise whatever it is but are scared for whatever reason, give it a go just once. There's nothing to say you have to do it again if it's completely awful but I guarantee it's never going to be half as bad as you think it is. Just make sure you don't go with someone who insists on saying 'yooooga' in the toga style all the way there and back... Thanks, husband.

Mrs D x

ps. I'm going to do a post on Sunday with what I wore to the class. It definitely deserves it's own post because goodness knows it's rare to find activewear for fatties that isn't completely hideous and uncomfortable! 

pps. If you're in Northamptonshire and want to know the details for this class, leave me your email address and I'll send you them. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Prettiest Polkadots

If I could only wear clothes from one shop for the rest of my life it would be Modcloth. Unfortunately though, due to them being a US brand I don't have much from them in my wardrobe because shipping charges are evil. I did however make a rare order a few months ago where I got two items, one was way, way too big and the other was absolutely perfect!

Ironing...what is ironing?!
The perfect dress
Dress from Modcloth
Shoes from Simply Be

I'm so in love with this dress. It's the perfect length, the neckline is adorable and I feel as cute as a button in it. It gapes a little over my big boobs but that's not really an issue because it happens allllll the time! The fact that I'm not wearing anything on my arms is a testament to how much I love this dress because that hardly ever happens. 

love blue and pink together, especially when they're bright. These Simply Be shoes are the hot pink version of the ones I've worn in the last few outfit posts. They're so, so comfortable and just as bright as they appear on the website. Simply Be is fast becoming my go to places for shoes, I love that most of their shoes come in different widths. I know that if I find a pair I love and they're in a regular E fitting not to be disappointed because chances are they'll have them in a EEE too! 

This is definitely my favourite outfit at the minute. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can ditch the dark tights and get some nude-y ones on instead. 

Mrs D x

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Monochromatic with Alice & You

I've been thinking a lot lately about what category my style falls into. When I first started this blog I had just discovered the confidence to let my retro and rockabilly side out and I thought that meant I needed to be doing that all the time. In the last year or so I've started trying new things and my style has definitely altered slightly. I'm always going to be drawn to big, flouncy dresses and cardigans but I'm having fun branching out a bit. 

This Alice & You Polkadot Swing Top had been put in my ASOS basket so many times but never made it to the checkout. I'm so used to wearing things with a defined waist because I feel like swing styles make me look massive. (That's right, sometimes I give a shit if I look like a giant flappy blimp and that's fine.) I loved the big spotty print on this though and when it popped up in the sale for £14 I threw my flappy blimp arms to the wind and gave it go. 

Even the little details are beautiful. 

I'm so pleased I bit the bullet and tried something new because I bloody LOVE this top. Considering it was only £20 full price it is such incredible value. The fabric is beautiful; it's a touch thicker than I expected and has a slight texture to it. It definitely feels much more expensive that the £14 I paid for it. It fits really well although I do wish it were a little longer. I can probably thank my boobs for that. 

I felt like I'd hit the monochrome nail on the head with this outfit and whilst I love it I couldn't help adding a few bright pops of colour. 

No idea why my hair turned orange in this photo...

Jeans from New Look
Cardigan from M&S
Shoes from Simply Be
Cloud brooch from Grace Face Boutique
Lipstick is Sleek Mystic 

Mrs D x

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Maxi-ing It Up!

I've had this maxi skirt from Simply Be for a couple of years, if I remember right it was from their Bespoke range and rather sweetly called Marilyn which is probably the reason I got it in the first place! It's spent a long time sitting in my wardrobe being unloved, not because I don't like it but because I really had no idea how to style it without looking like a frumpy old woman. It's only been featured once on this 'ere blog and it didn't look great. (My fringe did though; well done fringe.) However I've been searching around for ways to style a maxi and inspired by the likes of Becky, Sian, Leah (how amazing is that t-shirt?!) and Hanna I gave it a go. 

Unbalanced bum shelf ahoy!
I promise to wear different shoes in my next post...maybe.
Simply Be maxi skirt (no longer available)

My mum and husband had mixed feelings on the outfit as a whole but I felt good in it and to me that is what matters. I'm not looking at me through the general publics' eyes, I can't see what they see so all I can go on is how I feel. Plus I don't have a full length mirror in my house which helps haha! Although not that great if I have a knickers tucked in my tights situation...

I really love this Mint Gingham Shell Top but it does come up a little long so tucking it in worked well. I probably could have sized down to a 22 for a more fitted look but I was too eager to wear it so I kept the 24. On the subject of this pastel gingham beauty I have to mention two trends Simply Be are smashing at the minute, both the Sugar Coated and Ice Cream Pastels collections are gorgeous, they scream pretty, feminine summer styles and I'm desperate to add more of them to my wardrobe. I'm dedicating my next post to my favourite items from those two trends. If I included it in here you'd be reading all day! 

So, how did I do with my maxi skirt? Any other ideas on how to style it?

Mrs D x

Thursday, 1 May 2014

What I Wore to the Junarose VIP Event

The Junarose VIP event I attended earlier this month landed on my birthday so I had to wear the birthday dress I had bought for myself a few weeks before in the hopes that I would be doing something fun! I loved this Simply Be dress on the website but waited until I visited the Leicester store to purchase it so I could try it on to make sure it fit right. It was a little shorter than I would have liked but it didn't put me off at all. 

The jacquard material is just the right amount of heavy so it holds it's lovely prom dress shape and didn't stick to my tights. I have quite high hips and a short body so more often than not the waists on modern prom shape dresses sit a little too far down but this is perfect. It definitely felt special enough to be a birthday dress! 

An ice-cream themed outfit!
I might look a little like a giant ice-cream but I quite like it. I do wish I had swapped my dark tights for some lighter ones though, I think the dark ones look a little too harsh. 

Dress from Simply Be
Cardigan from Asda (a few years ago)
Shoes from Simply Be 
Flower crown from Crown and Glory

Mrs D x
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