Thursday, 6 March 2014

MAC Retro Matte Relentlessly Red

Whilst I'm a big fan of MAC and specifically their lipsticks, I don't own very many simply because whenever I go to buy one I get completely overwhelmed by the choice. There are the few staple favourites that everyone seems to have like Ruby Woo, Rebel, Russian Red, Lady Danger etc but I have so many lipsticks that are similar to those colours that I really love that it seems silly to buy more. However, I was having a browse around the website and came across their Retro Matte collection that I hadn't seen before. As I've mentioned before I really prefer a matte finish and anything with the word 'retro' in always peaks my interest!

There are four shades in the Retro Matte collection; All Fired Up is a bright fuschia, Flat Out Fabulous is a bright plum, Dangerous is an orangey red and the one I chose, Relentlessly Red is a bright pinkish coral. I've been after a pink toned red for summer and this is just perfect.

As it's a matte finish it is a little drying but I always rub a thin layer of lip balm on my lips first so it doesn't drag. I was a bit worried it'd clash with my (desperately needing a fresh dye) hair but I quite like! 

Sooo, which lipstick should I get next?! 

Mrs D x


  1. Love this colour! I still haven't bought my first Mac lipstick yet but it isn't far away! I'm thinking Russian Red is a good starting off point x

  2. I LOVE the retro matte range. Flat out fabulous is amazing, you should check it out & I think it would look lush with your hair. Looooking lovely lady xx

  3. Mac is a great brand for lipsticks and this color is perfect for your face and hair's color!
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  4. I would go for Rihanna's Viva Glam lipstick next!


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