Monday, 17 March 2014

Frivolous Mrs D Turns 2 Giveaway with Curvy Kate!

This big fat blog full of flouncy dresses, too much lipstick and the occasional cat is two years old this month and to celebrate I am offering my faithful (hopefully...) readers a chance to win some goodies from my favourite brands over the last year!

Curvy Kate are very high up that list of favourites and I can hand on ample chest say that since discovering them my boobs have never been happier. I have around 5 or 6 bras that I wear every day and all but one are Curvy Kate. And 3 of those are Daily Boost, a foam lined/moulded cup that I was dead set against until I tried one on!

My love for Curvy Kate doesn't stop at their wares though, I also have a massive amount of love for the girls behind the bras who are not only some of the best PR and marketing bunch I've dealt with but also some of the loveliest. And funniest. And filthiest. Any time I've spent with them has been a hoot and a half and I am so grateful to them for giving me the opportunities they have. (Too soppy? Pick your tits up and move along.)

And on the subject of loveliness, the CK folk are donating a set of underwear or swimwear to give to one of you lucky lot in celebration of this 'ere blog being up and running for two years! What you choose is entirely down to you but here are a few of my favourites to inspire you.

My boobs BFF Daily Boost in Mocha

To enter, fill in the rafflecopter widget below! 



  1. I'd choose carmen it's so pretty! I love cheese and windfarms make me smile :) two pretty boring facts lol but there they are xx

  2. Two things about me... I'm blonde and I have a pet tortoise :) I love this set!

  3. I would choose Lola Ivory and starlet black! My facts are I need new underwear and I love Curvy Kate :)

  4. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary; I'm fast approaching mine!
    If I won, I would probably go for the Princess Tigerlily / Rose set, as it's gorgeous.
    2 facts... . I love going to gigs and concerts, and I'm addicted to green eye make up!

  5. What a fantastic giveaway! I *love* Curvy Kate!

  6. 2 Years!!!! Woohoo! Here's to another million more of bringing us great outfits and positive messages! And yay giveaway!!!!

  7. Congratulations! I would pick the Carmen set if I won. Hmmmm...two things about me are I love pink and I'm going to be a Social Studies teacher.

  8. The starlet tiger lily set is gorgeous. I like plain cup on a bra. I've not seen. Curvy Kate before so I'm going to give them a try.

  9. The Carmen is calling my name... I am in love with longlines! x

  10. I love Curvy Kate I think the lola babydoll is calling to me! x

  11. What a fab giveaway! I would choose the Carmen. I'm a mother of 3 girls and I'm an agency signed model and support artiste x

  12. Happy Birthday Mrs D! I'm am so in need of some new over shoulder boulder holders and everything at CK is gorgeous! x

  13. Woohoo 2 years! Go you! I would love the carmen set, it's pink and balconette! Right up my street! x

  14. I'd love to try a long line bra - or just a smoothie :)

    I love you (fact number 1) and I love your boobs (fact number 2) xxx

  15. Yay! Happy blog birthday!
    I'd go for the Seashell swimwear set, definitely. I want to get back into swimming, and I've always wanted a polka dots swimming kit.
    Two things about myself:
    * Just like you're married to a Saints fan, I'm married to a Tigers fan. We're obviously better, of course. ;)
    * I love getting stuff on the mail and get positively excited when the postman arrives. Am I the opposite of a dog?


  16. I love the Carmen, but daily boost looks so lovely too. I have a passion for war history and I can't live without football!

  17. Oh 2 years old!! Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I would love the pink Carmen Rose set.

    I am a black belt 2nd dan in karate
    I madly in love with cats!!! x

  18. I love the Roxie set

    Two things about me I have 11 tattoos and want to win the lottery so I can adopt children with severe special needs.

  19. Unfortunately I'm too small in the cup for Curvy Kate, but if I won I would let my best friend Lauren choose a set - think she could do with some lovely undercrackers! Two things about me err...I'm a qualified administrator and when I was wee I wanted to be a vet but I didn't want to operate on animals (just stroke them basically, I think) :D. Oh and happy bloggerversary! x

  20. I would totally pick the carmen set. 2 things are - I adore long line bras and I wish that I had one that was comfortable enough to wear to work!


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