Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb!

I don't really like keeping things for 'best' and if I really love something I want to wear it as much as possible. regardless of whether it's too fancy for going to the Post Office or the garden centre. However, sometimes I really just want to be comfy and not as fancy as other days and on those days I tend to reach for a pair of leggings and a comfy dress.

I saw this cherry print dress on Very a while ago and thought it looked perfect for a lazier day. I love ponte material, it's thick so keeps it's shape well and hangs really nicely. It doesn't crease which is a massive, massive bonus and is nice and warm for this time of year. Plus the rockabilly girl inside of me is such a sucker for cherry print.

Old season shoes from Next
Handbag that has since been retired for being too grown up from Debenhams

Mrs D x



  1. That's a really nice dress, it's looks fab with the leggings and pumps but I can see how you'd be able to make it much more dressy too.

  2. I love the dress and have the song in my head now. :) x x

  3. That dress is really cute, and the outfit is lovely. xx

  4. I agree, there are days I just want a comfier dress and leggings. Like this look : )


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