Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fatty in Jeans Klaxon!

I've blithered on before about how I never wear full length jeans or trousers but I did dip my toe in the cropped waters last year and realised they're not as terrifying as I thought they were. Plus they make my big but quite dull arse look pretty excellent. I fancied giving some full length ones a go and after fannying around with different lengths (because for some reason I am still not ready to come to terms with how stupidly long my legs are), I found some I really like!

Frivolous Mrs D: plus size jeans
Thunder thighs ahoy!

I had a look around to see which jeans other bloggers had gone for before and these Peaches High Waisted Slim Leg jeans from Simply Be seemed popular and I can definitely see why. As well has having long legs (I went for a 34" leg) my hips are massive and my waist is significantly smaller which means most jeans don't fit well at all. I'll normally find a pair that fit round my hips but gape round my waist or squeeze my hips and thighs so much that the seams split within weeks but magically, these fit perfectly everywhere! They don't feel tight over my thunder thighs or chubby calves and the high waist covers my tummy enough without digging in when I sit down. I have never loved anything with leg holes as much!

Now I have jeans I actually like and want to wear I need more tops. This flowery thing is years old from F+F and is starting to fray at the collar. The cardigan is another trusty M&S purchase. If you've seen any nice tops lately, let me know! I haven't bought anything other than dresses and cardigans in such a long time I don't know what I like anymore. 

Mrs D x

ps. Here is a silly photo my mama snapped on me putting my tea trolley back in it's place...



  1. Ive always said im not a jeans person. I had 2 pairs of bootcut ones but wore them maybe 3-4 times a month. Over xmas I discovered jeggings (proper ones not denim-esque leggings) are actually really nice & actually look good. Its a revelation. You look ace in yours-im in awe of your legs. Mine are 29inches!!!!

  2. These look lovely on you! I think you should venture out more often into jeans territory. The dark wash is an extra nicety that we all can sport to look extra fancy!

  3. I love these jeans! They look a great length on you. I have both long legs (34 or 36 inch length on jeans please) and a long torso so I have such issues with tops being too short! I find dresses much easier :)
    - Rai /

  4. You look a lot happier in these photos. I hope you're feeling a little better. :-) x

  5. They look fantastic on you! I still haven't found my perfect jeans, and I hate shopping for them because it's so hard to find the perfect fit. As for tops, I've seen some gorgeous ones on Simply Be this week so they're worth checking out xx


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