Friday, 8 November 2013

Mrs D Meets Gok Wan!

A friend came over yesterday for a good chat about life and such and she said she thinks my blog has been the making of me. I first met her when I arrived at her bellydancing class and promptly vomited from intense anxiety. My anxiety is still incredibly prevalent but I am able to do things now that I never, ever dreamed of and I would agree that it is mostly down to my blog. My blog has given me so much confidence and provided me with so, so many incredible opportunities. If you had told me two years ago that I would be hot footing it to London to have cocktails and canapes with Gok Wan I probably would have spluttered in your face. But that is exactly what I did last Wednesday and it was marvelous!

He wasn't actually that orange...I am just incredibly white. 
The lovely folk at Simply Be put on a evening with Gok (that's right, first name basis) to showcase his gorgeous lingerie collection. Unfortunately the bras don't go up to my big titted size which was something I had a chat to Gok about and he kindly explained that he really wanted to cater for the masses which meant having a good, solid size range with a number of back sizes to cover the majority of people. Which is completely understandable but I will keep my fingers crossed because I really want the dogtooth bra to match my knickers! However, the shapewear does cater for my behind and after seeing all the items in the flesh there are at least three bits going on my Christmas list. Especially this...built in suspender straps get me every time!

Callie, me, BeckyDanie and Laura
Before we met Mr Wan a few of us went out for dinner to a Moroccan restaurant that despite not being able to count and taking an hour to make a pina colada, served us with some seriously tasty mezze. 

Gok was genuinely so down to earth and lovely. He kept his smiling face going for the hundreds of photos and went well beyond the boring polite conversation you expect from meeting a TV personality. He was more than happy to talk to us at length about various things, whether it was body confidence, his lingerie or cocks pressing into your back on the tube. The whole evening was so much fun but then it would be being surrounded by your favourite blogging babes, free cocktails, a fancy hotel and Mr Gok Wan!

Callie, Danie and me

Love my Danie a LOT. 
Lovely Betty and me
A huge, huge thank you to Simply Be for organising the evening, to Gok Wan for entertaining us and to Callie and Betty for letting me nick your photos! I get so overexcited at events I always forget!

Mrs D x


  1. It was lovely to meet you and I am still in awe of your boobs! xx

  2. I am so jealous of you guys who got to meet Gok (first name basis here too, that way I can pretend I met him)lol - and loving all the posts :)

  3. Love your dress! Gok always seems so friendly and warm on the TV so it's good to know he's the same in person :) xo


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