Monday, 14 October 2013

#BodyConfidenceWeek Day 1

After some repulsive ignorant bellends deemed last week 'fat shaming week' (I refuse to capitalise something so vile) it has been decided that this week is Body Confidence Week. If you're unsure what I'm talking about this blog explains it. I have no desire to elaborate further and I haven't looked at the hashtags on Twitter myself because that blog alone reduced me to palpitations and tears. Instead I want to focus on my own little participation of Body Confidence Week by way of spamming your Twitter and Instagram feeds with my chubby self and sharing something related on this here blog that's helped me in my body acceptance ~*journey*~!

Today's body confidence tool is this magical universe of cat gifs, feminism and most importantly, beautiful squishy bodies. 

Tumblr is the first place I saw fat, naked bodies by the thousand being happy, confident and sexy. I really and truly believe you can alter your thought processes and perceptions by emerging yourself in something and emerging myself into a world full of fat, thin, squishy, soft, toned, white, black, brown, tall, short, hairy, waxed, male, female, trans, queer, clothed, naked, disabled, tattooed and everything in between bodies changed the way I viewed others and myself. It's wonderful to look at a body, find it beautiful and then realise it looks remarkably similar to the one you've loathed for so many years. 

Here are a few links to get you started - 

(One thing I would say is be prepared for BBW porn. People really have no conscience about taking people's personal photos and putting them on their fetish blogs which is both vile and an enormous invasion of privacy. So yes, be warned.)

Follow #BodyConfidenceWeek on Twitter all this week and love your body! 

Mrs D x


  1. Great post. I've been reading about the fat shaming from American blogs for a few days and saw some screencaps of the kind of tweets going around, but didn't research further because my mental health isn't so good right now. Needless to say I'm behind Body Confidence Week! Great post. Huzzah! x

  2. I've caught a few of the comments from that disgusting, horrible hashtag, but I've tried to avoid looking through the hashtag tweets as I know they'll just make me angry and upset. I love this new mission of yours. Tumblr was where I first found body positive and fatshion blogs, and where my journey to self-acceptance started. I owe it so much, and it's such a great platform for discovering the beauty and uniqueness of all sorts of bodies and all sorts of people. xx

  3. Tumblr has really helped me with my body image and has come to show me that there are awesome, confident fat babes out there like me!


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