Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fulfilling My Tie-Shirt Dreams

I've been lusting after a tie shirt all season and the perfect one fell into my arms this week during a completely unrelated trip to Asda. We're staying with my mum at the minute whilst the downstairs of our house is being ripped to shreds (that may or may not be a slight exaggeration...) and there's an Asda right next to her place of work so I've been nipping in there for convenience.

vintage fashion tie shirts
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Tie shirts are a lovely little nod to 1950's fashion and whilst I had a bundle of them as a young teenager I'd filtered them out when I stopped wearing trousers. However, the trousers are back so I'm slowing introducing more tops into my wardrobe.

This cute little floral and lace tie shirt caught my eye along with a pretty white and red rose one (which was only left in a size 12, boo). At £8 it was silly not to chuck it in my basket!

plus size tie shirt

vintage glasses

Top from George at Asda
High waisted jeans from Yours
Wide fit shoes from Tesco
Handbag from Tesco

You can't see it on these photos but there is a lace panel at the top of the sleeves and across the back. It's very pretty! I got it in a 24 and it fits perfectly although I would have preferred it a little shorter so it wouldn't have shown how big these trousers have gotten for me. They fit perfectly around the hips but the waist is far too big. The perils of being fat and curvy, eh?

Mrs D x

ps. Is it just me or do my glasses look really milk bottle-y in these photos?! 


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  1. Such a pretty top! I am a sucker for the 50's shirt tied at the waist too but CAN NOT find cute pedal pushers that do anything for me. The hunt continues.....


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