Friday, 16 August 2013

ASOS Curve - Greens and Blues

ASOS Curve hit the nail on the head when it comes to genuinely fashionable and ahead of the game plus size clothing. They have everything from daring mesh body cons to beautiful granny-fied wallpaper patterned dresses. The majority of things are so reasonably priced and they have generous sales regularly. I find myself browsing their selection at least once a week. 

This skirt caught my eye months ago. I love the colours, the gentle pleats and 90's feel to it. I kept adding it to my basket but it never made it to the checkout. I've veered away from skirts over the last few years because I have a naturally high waist which means they tend to sit funny over my hips. Fortunately I decided to stop being a fanny and give it a go, and I am bloody glad I did!

plus size skirt
Yes, it could have done with a meeting with an iron but you see that crumbling mess of wall behind me? Yeh...
I got my usual size 24 but I probably could have sized down because even after I'd eaten a massive bowl of pasta (thanks Prezzo for challenging my part-Italian eating ability) it was still a little loose. The back of the skirt is elasticated which some people don't like but I'm rather fond of and it helps keep the skirt where I want it.

Genuine giggle...shocking!
Vest from Simply Be
Cardigan from TU Clothing at Sainsburys 
Skirt from ASOS Curve
Shoes from Next
Handbag from Tesco
Lipstick is Corrupt by Illamasqua

Next time I will iron it, promise. 

Mrs D x


  1. Oh I love that skirt, I've had it in my wishlist for ages! Looks lovely on you x

  2. Gorgeous skirt with great colours. I never iron if I can help it - irons are evil creatures and best not to be messed with!

  3. Lovely outfit! Love the use of colour :)

  4. skirts are certainly awkward, mine don't really fit but I have mastered the 'zip tuck in', it's a great skirt, the colours are fab and suit you so much x

    1. Thank you! That's why I like a good ol' elasticated waist, there's no awkward zip mess. xx

  5. I loved that skirt the first time I saw it but never got it. You look super!


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