Friday, 30 August 2013

Practicing Some Body Positivity/Getting My Chubby Bingo Wings Out

As far as I've come with learning to love my body as it is right now there is one (technically two) thing (s) that no matter how hard I try, I cannot make peace with. Those things are my upper arms. I like to call them chubby but in reality they're more than chubby, they're fat. And they're not the firm sort of fat, they're the sort of fat that if I wave I'm likely to create an earthquake somewhere along the equator. They're dimply and they occasionally do that funny red discoloured thing. On top of that I also have some pretty unsightly scarring on my arms from some mentals and lots under my arms from evil, evil under the skin cysts I get that are supposedly linked to my PCOS (though I'm not convinced). So, getting my arms out in general is pretty unpleasant. If I do manage to do it I tend to spend the day with my elbows firmly pressed into my sides like that ridiculous deodorant advert. 

I love chubby arms on other people. I think they're cute and squishy and I love them. Case in point, the gorgeous Tess Munster. Just look at them, lovely arms!

Photo belongs to Erika Nelly
Mine though, no. Occasionally though I get little bursts of confidence and I feel brave enough to give it a go. The main reason for this particular surge of confidence was knowing I was going to spend the day with one of my bestest, most dearest friends, Victoria. She is marvelous in many ways but she is also my biggest body supporter and doesn't stand for any body negativity. In fact in the 3 days she was here (she normally resides in Amsterdam, boooo) I tackled two of my biggest body fears; getting my arms out and going bare legged in a dress that doesn't cover my knees. And do you know what happened when I did both of those things? Nothing. Absolutely bloody nothing. Nobody laughed at me, nobody pointed at me, nobody told me to put my disgusting fleshy mess away. Life went on as normal. Except that I felt a little bit taller and a little bit stronger.

And so, here they are. Along with an uncomfortable face.

Dimpled and discoloured they may be, but they're mine. 
I should really do my roots...
Cute as a cupcake!
Dress from South at Very

Handbag from Accessorize
Sparkly cupcake necklace from Pieces of the Past

*Breathes* Be nice...

Mrs D x

ps. If you're into body positive stuff (and if not, why the hell not?!) have a look at my Tumblr.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Tesco Disappointment

The clothing section in my local Tesco Extra has always been a good place to wander round. It's one of the few places I feel comfortable and safe enough to venture by myself on a good day. I can usually get myself into their size 22s depending on the fabric and although the F+F True range (their plus size collection) has always been quite basic, it's decent enough and I like having a nose round.

Over the last couple of weeks the clothing department has been completely made over and whilst it looks incredibly smart and is laid out in a much more accessible fashion, I could not be more disappointed. Having had a look round a few times now it appears that only around 20% of the clothes are being stocked right up to a 22. You're lucky to find an 18 in the other 80% of the stock.

As for the F+F True range, this is the extent of it...

12 items out of what must be well over 300 in total. I've mentioned it to staff on two occasions only to be told there is more available online. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I might be being a little over dramatic but confining plus size clothes shopping to online only is another way of keeping us away from the public; forcing us to hide away and be ashamed. The number of shops plus size people can shop in is already incredibly small and now another one is being taken away.

Online shopping is my preferred method of shopping most of the time but it is nice to be able to have a stroll about and actually feel clothes and see what the colours or material really look like. That option is disappearing and it is very frustrating.

Mrs D x


Monday, 26 August 2013

A Trip To Rockalily Cuts

On Saturday I hopped on a train to London with the glamourous Luli Blue to celebrate her birthday. One of the things we did was take a trip to Rockalily Cuts to get our fringes tended to. I've been wanting to visit the salon owned by Ree Ree Rockette since it opened and although I was sad I didn't get to see Ree herself I really enjoyed the visit. 

vintage hair salon London

The salon is beautiful, it's packed with retro goodies and is so interesting to look at. Anywhere that has Elvis on the walls and provides me with complimentary lemonade and a Rocky bar is guaranteed to go down well with me! 

Luli had her hair done with Lola and mine was done by Emma. Both were really lovely and did such a brilliant job. I've had my fringe done by a couple of people and I ended up trimming it myself but it has never looked this good. I was a little terrified when Emma came at me with clippers but for the first time ever my fringe is clean across and my irritating wispy baby hair has been tamed! 

rockabilly hair
Happy fringes!
I wanted to wear something comfy because I knew we'd be walking a lot so I wore my new favourite ASOS Curve skirt with a plain white v-neck t-shirt. I don't think I've worn a white t-shirt since I was in primary school but it did the job!

I've been wearing my 'Cat Lady' necklace with pretty much everything lately regardless of whether it goes with what I'm wearing or not. I've had so many comments on it and I like being a proud cat mama/crazy, crazy cat lady haha!

ASOS Curve skirt

Cardigan from Tesco
T-shirt from ASOS
Skirt from ASOS
Tights from We Love Colors
Shoes from Debenhams
'Cat Lady' necklace from Pieces of the Past

Mrs D x

ps. I apologise for the blurry photos, my husband is a rubbish photographer haha! I think this outtake demonstrates my frustration well...

*Cat Lady necklace gifted to me.

Friday, 16 August 2013

ASOS Curve - Greens and Blues

ASOS Curve hit the nail on the head when it comes to genuinely fashionable and ahead of the game plus size clothing. They have everything from daring mesh body cons to beautiful granny-fied wallpaper patterned dresses. The majority of things are so reasonably priced and they have generous sales regularly. I find myself browsing their selection at least once a week. 

This skirt caught my eye months ago. I love the colours, the gentle pleats and 90's feel to it. I kept adding it to my basket but it never made it to the checkout. I've veered away from skirts over the last few years because I have a naturally high waist which means they tend to sit funny over my hips. Fortunately I decided to stop being a fanny and give it a go, and I am bloody glad I did!

plus size skirt
Yes, it could have done with a meeting with an iron but you see that crumbling mess of wall behind me? Yeh...
I got my usual size 24 but I probably could have sized down because even after I'd eaten a massive bowl of pasta (thanks Prezzo for challenging my part-Italian eating ability) it was still a little loose. The back of the skirt is elasticated which some people don't like but I'm rather fond of and it helps keep the skirt where I want it.

Genuine giggle...shocking!
Vest from Simply Be
Cardigan from TU Clothing at Sainsburys 
Skirt from ASOS Curve
Shoes from Next
Handbag from Tesco
Lipstick is Corrupt by Illamasqua

Next time I will iron it, promise. 

Mrs D x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fulfilling My Tie-Shirt Dreams

I've been lusting after a tie shirt all season and the perfect one fell into my arms this week during a completely unrelated trip to Asda. We're staying with my mum at the minute whilst the downstairs of our house is being ripped to shreds (that may or may not be a slight exaggeration...) and there's an Asda right next to her place of work so I've been nipping in there for convenience.

vintage fashion tie shirts
Add caption

Tie shirts are a lovely little nod to 1950's fashion and whilst I had a bundle of them as a young teenager I'd filtered them out when I stopped wearing trousers. However, the trousers are back so I'm slowing introducing more tops into my wardrobe.

This cute little floral and lace tie shirt caught my eye along with a pretty white and red rose one (which was only left in a size 12, boo). At £8 it was silly not to chuck it in my basket!

plus size tie shirt

vintage glasses

Top from George at Asda
High waisted jeans from Yours
Wide fit shoes from Tesco
Handbag from Tesco

You can't see it on these photos but there is a lace panel at the top of the sleeves and across the back. It's very pretty! I got it in a 24 and it fits perfectly although I would have preferred it a little shorter so it wouldn't have shown how big these trousers have gotten for me. They fit perfectly around the hips but the waist is far too big. The perils of being fat and curvy, eh?

Mrs D x

ps. Is it just me or do my glasses look really milk bottle-y in these photos?! 

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