Friday, 7 June 2013

OOTD - Plus Size Pin Up!

This was a pretty lazy outfit if I'm honest but I think it worked well. It's practically the same as my last OOTD but with a different cardigan and a different sort of face! I love how you can change how an outfit looks by using different colours, hairstyles and accessories. Considering before these trousers I hadn't worn anything but dresses in years, they're certainly getting a lot of use!

High waisted trousers from Yours
Belt from ASOS Curve
Top from F+F at Tesco
Cardigan from F+F at Tesco
Wide fit shoes from Tesco
Bag from Tesco (Are you sensing a theme...?!)
Headscarf gifted to me
Glasses chain from ASOS

I really like this outfit, it makes me feel very pin-up and it's so comfortable. I've been enjoying Tesco clothes a lot lately. I tend to avoid the plus size section because in my local store they only seem to stock really unattractive, bland items which doesn't even compare to the main section. The main section stops at a size 22 so being a size 24 I normally wouldn't even bother, but I quite often find a few gems that fit perfectly. This top is definitely one of them! 

It's always worth having a look at clothes and try them on regardless of size. Numbers don't mean anything; different materials and shapes means things don't fit everyone exactly the same so give it a go! 

Mrs D x


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