Monday, 6 May 2013

1950's Challenge!

Quite some time ago I was kindly sent a bunch of goodies from Gala Casino to create a 1950's look inspired by their 50's/rockabilly slot game Rock 'n' Roller. With everything being so ridiculously busy lately I've only just gotten round to finding the time to do something so fun! (Let's pretend that my pre-pampering bath yesterday wasn't ruined by a pipe bursting in the bathroom...on a bank holiday weekend...)

My style very much veers towards the 50's but this was a very good excuse to make a bit of effort! In my goody bag were a set of Sleep-In Rollers which I planned on using to create a classic, brushed out look. However, in true Princess And The Pea fashion, I couldn't get comfy and had to take them out. Instead I put my hair in a high ponytail, rolled my fringe under and finished it with the gorgeous white and black polkadot silky headscarf from my goody bag. My fringe was kept in control with some trusty Elnett; spray of the hair gods!

I kept my make-up relatively simple. When I think of 50's make-up I always think of heavy, rounded brows and bold lips. Although we tend to use liquid/gel liner for the classic cat eye, winged look, eyes were usually lined with black pencil or a brush dipped in mascara. My eyeliner totally depends on what mood I'm in, sometimes I prefer a softer look so use a felt liner but today I fancied quite a crisp, definite line so I made use of the Barry M liner in my goody bag.

I finished my look with the Barry M lipstick in 151. I've been using this since I received it at the beginning of March (goodness me that was bloomin' ages ago, I really am a bad blogger...) and I adore it! It's a beautiful orange-y shade of red that almost verges on coral. I've been reaching for it whenever I fancy something a little brighter and cheerier than my usual classic red. It's perfect for the summery weather and lasts absolutely ages.

It would have been silly to let all this effort go to waste so my lovely, hairy husband took me out for a milkshake in true 50's style!

A big thank you to Gala Casino for providing me with all the bits and bobs to create the look and an even bigger apology for taking so long to utilise it all!

Mrs D x


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