Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Few Helpful Words

I came across this yesterday and it seemed incredibly appropriate to me at the minute. Aside from the fantastic words, it's really beautifully made so I wanted to share it and hopefully inject you all with a little courage to do whatever it is you need to do. 

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

A couple of weeks ago my fellow vintage lover and pal Betty Pamper and I popped down to London for The Vintage Cosmetic Company press day to celebrate their line of make-up brushes being sold in Boots all over the country. I had been aware of The Vintage Cosmetic Company for quite some time and despite having lusted after their gorgeous strip lashes hadn't had a chance to try any out yet so was really excited to have a browse.
Gorgeous brushes now sold in Boots!
The day was held in a glamorous mini cinema in the basement of a boutique Soho hotel. A Doris Day film was playing on the big screen to keep us entertained whilst we nibbled at an array of delicious teeny sandwiches, scones, fruit tarts and squidgy brownies. It was the perfect surrounding to be gazing at delicate vintage inspired make-up brushes and lashes.

Definitely getting one of those sofas for my living room...

My beady little eyes found the gorgeous display of make-up brushes first. I'm a complete sucker for pretty, girly packaging and the small detail of the cute pink handles really appealed to me. These brushes don't need to be pretty to sell though because they are super soft without being flimsy and have a brilliant selection of different brushes. I loved the retractable lip-brush and am going to do a separate little post about it in the next week so keep an eye out for that. The brush quality is definitely on par with popular high-end brushes and are a fraction of the price, the cheapest being £7 and the most expensive a mere £17!

Beautiful vintage brush roll.
No matter how hard I try I cannot get the hang of false lashes. I'm a whizz at applying them to other people but on myself; no way. I was really eager to have a nose at the range of lashes The Vintage Cos Co have and was super excited that there was a lovely MUA on hand to let us try some out. Each style of lash has a different name and it's own personality.

The Betty lashes were my favourite with their cute little kick at the ends to create the perfect almond eye. They complement my staple flicked liner perfectly. Because I don't wear false lashes very often I'm normally very aware of them the minute they're applied but not with these. They were so light and within seconds I forgot I had them on. And the best part? The glue! Almost everyone chucks out the glue included in lashes and reaches for trusty brands like Duo instead but honestly, this glue is brilliant. It's not wet and runny but really tacky instead so sticks to the lash line immediately. I've even managed to put them on myself at home first time every time which is a miracle!

The one thing that really stood out to me when talking to Claire and her staff was their passion for what they do. Claire founded the business starting with just five different lashes and you can tell how much effort and love has gone into it from the start. I think this is just the beginning of this brilliant company and am sure we'll be hearing much, much more about them in the future!

Mrs D x

ps. There's a brilliant offer on their website at the moment to get the Powder Brush half price when you enter 'POWDER' at the checkout! I might have treated myself to a pair of Connie eyelashes and the powder brush last week...


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Testing My Comfort Zone OOTD

I don't mention it too much here for some reason but I'm very happy to be involved in the body positive movement in my own little way. To me it means making a conscious effort to be confident in my body as it is right now and to support others in being comfortable with theirs. There are so many clothes I wear that are deemed against the 'fat rules', not because I particularly want to stick two fingers up to whoever makes those rules, but because I want to wear whatever it is. I'm a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good regardless of whether it's flattering or whether somebody else deems it appropriate. For example, I'm quite sure the general public don't agree with me getting my knees and thunder thighs out but unfortunately for them most of the dresses I like aren't made for giants so they don't go beyond my chubby thighs!

I am most comfortable in a dress, tights and a cardigan (not that you'd be able to tell...). Trousers scare me. My legs are ridiculously long, my hips are as wide as a bus and my waist is both considerably smaller and quite high up which means most trousers fall down and just generally look a bit shit. Thus I stay away from them! The only trousers I feel comfortable in are a pair of capri pants I've had for a few years and are now a delightful shade of not-quite-grey-but-definitely-not-the-black-they-started-out-as. Or rather they were the only trousers I felt comfortable in...

High Waisted Twill Jeans from Yours
I saw these in the Yours sale a couple of weeks ago for a mere £12. I've wanted to branch out and test my clothing boundaries a bit lately and I was really drawn to these. Only the 30" leg were in the sale which are way too short but I folded the hem up and now they're ankle grazers! Which I believe are actually fashionable...right?!

My husband and I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness (which by the by is flippin' amazing) so I thought that'd be the perfect time to wear them. I would be sat in the dark for a long period of time so if I felt overly uncomfortable it wouldn't matter so much! I have a fat tummy. It's normally covered up in a dress but in these trousers, it was there for all to see. My husband said to me 'don't wear something just because someone tells you to' and he meant it not in the way that I shouldn't feel like I have to cover my tummy up rather that I shouldn't feel forced to push myself out of my comfort zone unless I really want to. It made me think a bit and I realised that this the first thing I've done in terms of fashion that was well out of my comfort zone as well as being against The Fat Rules. I've always loved high waisted trousers but have never had the confidence to wear them. It took a couple of times of wearing them to be brave enough to tuck my top in but I'm glad I got there in the end because I actually rather loved it!

This is getting incredibly rambly and I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this so er, here's me in all my high waisted trousery glory!

Fatties can have a waist too! 
Cardigan - Clements Ribeiro at Evans (last season)
Vest - Simply Be
Trousers - Yours
Shoes - Tesco
Handbag - Collectif

It's not hugely daring but it was a big step for me. I don't imagine I'll be swapping my many, many dresses for more trousers any time soon but these bad boys are definitely staying!

Mrs D x


Thursday, 9 May 2013

OOTD: Diner Dress & A Poodle-'Do

I spent last Sunday with my gorgeous friend Sarah who I've known for years and years. We went to a local diner for brunch (hence my dress choice!) and then to have a wander round a 1940's fair at The Bakehouse Antiques Centre in Northampton.

My good friend, Luli Blue has her very own shop within the Bakehouse called Heartbreaker which sells some incredible vintage finds. Until she opened her shop I didn't know the place existed! It's tucked away on a road I've driven down a hundred times but I've never noticed. It's a treasure cove of antique and vintage goodies. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I did pick up 4 Gil Elvgren pin-up cards which I'm going to turn into coasters (keep an eye out for a post on that later on in the month!).

The lovely Aurora Loves was there doing vintage hair so I got her to do something with mine! I told her she could do what she liked and this is what she did...

She did a series of curls on top of my head which is something I'd never done before. I rather liked it! I've never really ventured beyond the beehive/headscarf combo and victory rolls so this was quite exciting for me. I'm definitely going to start playing around with my hair a bit more now.

Dress from South at
Cardigan from M&S
Leggings from Yours
Shoes from Evans
Hair flower from GG's Pin-Up Couture
Brooch friend for my birthday!
Eyebags from a severe lack of sleep in the last two months.

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday!

Mrs D x


Monday, 6 May 2013

1950's Challenge!

Quite some time ago I was kindly sent a bunch of goodies from Gala Casino to create a 1950's look inspired by their 50's/rockabilly slot game Rock 'n' Roller. With everything being so ridiculously busy lately I've only just gotten round to finding the time to do something so fun! (Let's pretend that my pre-pampering bath yesterday wasn't ruined by a pipe bursting in the bathroom...on a bank holiday weekend...)

My style very much veers towards the 50's but this was a very good excuse to make a bit of effort! In my goody bag were a set of Sleep-In Rollers which I planned on using to create a classic, brushed out look. However, in true Princess And The Pea fashion, I couldn't get comfy and had to take them out. Instead I put my hair in a high ponytail, rolled my fringe under and finished it with the gorgeous white and black polkadot silky headscarf from my goody bag. My fringe was kept in control with some trusty Elnett; spray of the hair gods!

I kept my make-up relatively simple. When I think of 50's make-up I always think of heavy, rounded brows and bold lips. Although we tend to use liquid/gel liner for the classic cat eye, winged look, eyes were usually lined with black pencil or a brush dipped in mascara. My eyeliner totally depends on what mood I'm in, sometimes I prefer a softer look so use a felt liner but today I fancied quite a crisp, definite line so I made use of the Barry M liner in my goody bag.

I finished my look with the Barry M lipstick in 151. I've been using this since I received it at the beginning of March (goodness me that was bloomin' ages ago, I really am a bad blogger...) and I adore it! It's a beautiful orange-y shade of red that almost verges on coral. I've been reaching for it whenever I fancy something a little brighter and cheerier than my usual classic red. It's perfect for the summery weather and lasts absolutely ages.

It would have been silly to let all this effort go to waste so my lovely, hairy husband took me out for a milkshake in true 50's style!

A big thank you to Gala Casino for providing me with all the bits and bobs to create the look and an even bigger apology for taking so long to utilise it all!

Mrs D x

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