Friday, 19 April 2013

OOTD - Trying Something Different

Despite having only just cut my fringe back in, I have the urge to grow it out. Whilst I love it, it's not very versatile and is a bugger to maintain. If I did grow it out and fancied a fringe for the day, I could always do a faux bang.

Last weekend I gave being bare-forehead-ed a go. I'd also found somewhere online to get my contact lenses at a bargain so I was glasses-less for the first time in months. And for some reason eyeliner-less. Three unusual things for me but it's good to mix it up sometimes!

Why on earth is my camera suddenly so grainy? And making colours so rubbish? :(

Dress from Simply Be
Cardigan from M&S
Leggings from Yours
Handbag from Collectif
Shoes from Next
Bitchin' glasses brooch from my friend!

Mrs D x

ps. How handsome is my Louie-cat?

And greedy even when he's had his treat?!



  1. Uhhhh I love it!!!! <3 Seriously suits you so much. xxx

  2. You look just as lovely sans fringe and make-up :D also cat love <3

  3. I really like this look, you have such a nice style. My camera goes funny sometimes, not so much grainy but sometimes it just seems to take worse pictures than usual.

  4. You are seriously stunning! You look amazing with and without bangs!

    Toni x

  5. You look gorgeous & your brooch is amazing! Oh and your cat is such a handsome little fella! xo

  6. Your hair looks really nice like this :) Love you cute cat and your dress and your brooch.....may be I should have just said I love it alll hahahaahah

    Tanesha x


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