Monday, 8 April 2013

Five Good Things

1. I had a wedding order for Saturday and was so pleased with how it turned out. The couple had themed everything based around an aviation film so wanted their cakes to be very Hollywood and movie-fied! I also did cake pops and gold star chocolate lollipops.

2. What's App-ing with two of my bestest, funniest, dirtiest, silliest friends. They've kept me going for the last few weeks and I love them dearly. Just as they are.

3. We're having our living room re-plastered this week (thank you stupid old house owners for covering up massive amounts of damp...) which is making me all sorts of crazy, but fortunately it's a good excuse to let the cats upstairs! They're not normally allowed so they can't quite believe their luck and have spent the last 24 hours dribbling on us with joy.

4. Knowing that by the end of the week my house will be back in order. Because right now it's driving me mad...

5. Sunday mornings are my favourite. My husband gets up to make us a cup of tea and we spend a couple of hours laying in bed watching films or tv series on our laptop. A little while ago Lauren (from who also works for Arena Media) kindly offered me a free trial with Blinkbox. My husband and I watch movies online via other platforms but since using Blinkbox we haven't touched the others. Blinkbox charge a small fee per item so you're only paying for what you actually want to see rather than paying a monthly fee and never being able to find anything you want to watch! Plus it's ridiculously easy to navigate and doesn't spend half an hour buffering. It came at the perfect time because we had gotten up to Series 5 of Sons of Anarchy and the only place that has it online is Blinkbox so our Sunday mornings have been full of big, hairy bikers which pleases me greatly :D



  1. That sounds like the perfect Sunday x

  2. SOA series 5 is amazing. I can't wait for series 6. I'm going to sob a river when the series ends. x x

  3. Excellent post, those cakes look amazing! xx


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