Saturday, 2 March 2013

50 Random Facts: 41-50

1-1011-2021-30 and 31-40

41. Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure.
42. According to my mum I've always been obsessed with polkadotted things.
43. I LOVE film and cinema. I watch between 5-10 films a week and have a big, long list of films I want to see.
44. I've never been outside Europe but I've travelled quite a bit within Europe.
45. All of my family live over an hour away and I miss them a lot.
46. I've always had trouble with sleeping. I normally wake up every couple of hours and have only slept right through the night a few times in my life.
47. I live my lift by lists. It makes things a lot easier for me brain-wise and reminds me what I've achieved each day.
48. I really want to write a list of things to do before I'm 30.
49. For years and years anybody being angry, regardless of whether it was aimed at me or not used to petrify me and bring me to tears. I have no idea why!
50. My husband and I talk about living by the sea when we're old all the time.

And that's it! I hope that was mildly interesting. If you've done this, leave me links below :)

Mrs D x


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  1. I feel sorry for you over the sleep thing, I'd hate that, but you're body has perhaps adjusted to it.

    I did mine all in a one-er, took a while!


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