Saturday, 2 February 2013


I love Saturdays. Mr D leaves for rowing at a ridiculous time in the morning so I get to have a little lay in before I start the day. After having some breakfast I catch up on Friday's Eastenders and Stella before my mum rings. We're usually on the phone for an hour or two then I spend a little while flicking through recipe books and a foodie magazine to see if there's anything fancy I can make for the weekend. My hairy husband comes home around midday, normally quite smelly, so we have a nice, lazy shower or a bath and get ready to do whatever we fancy in the afternoon.

Pretty blue skies on our road.

Today we went for a wander round the village because a brand new shop opened called My Little Vintage. The lady who owns it, Julia, has run vintage fairs in the area for a couple of years and has opened a permanent residence to sell people's vintage wares. It's absolutely beautiful inside, full of treasures and handmade treats. I picked up another china trio to add to my business collection and had to be seriously restrained by my husband from buying anything else! I had a little chat with Julia who offered me an exciting little opportunity so I'm going to pop down during the week to talk about it properly!

New in the china trio family.

This evening we're going to have dinner with Mr D's grandma and his parents then go to the cinema. Life feels a bit more positive at the moment and lovely days like this make all the tough days worthwhile.

Not something I'd normally put on my blog but I'm feeling a touch of the warm and fuzzies today!

I hope your Saturday was a lovely one. 

Mrs D x



  1. Awww what a lovely day. You too are bloody gorgeous, couldn't think of a nicer person who deserves these lovely days than you :) xx

  2. That sounds like a lovely Saturday. The height of excitement in my Saturday was buying some new pans! Keep up the warm and fuzzies!


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