Sunday, 10 February 2013

50 Random Facts: 11-20

Following on from here...

11. I am awful with controlling my spending. When I'm in a bad depression I impulse buy things without thinking about it just for that 10 minutes of 'ooh I've got something pretty and new'. It's not fun at all and has made our financial situation harder than it needs to be.
12. I really, really love elephants.
13. I have pernicious anaemia which means I have a lack of B12. My body can ingest as much iron as it's like but it doesn't absorb it. I have to have B12 injections every 3 months and they hurt like a bastard.
14. My mum says I've always tried to run before I can walk and it's very, very true. I get frustrated with myself for not being able to do certain things due to my mental health so push myself and end up worse off. I definitely need to work on it!
15. I collect old cameras. I currently have 9 and they're displayed on the top of my piano.
16. My mum is my best friend.
17. We only ever drink tea or water at home.
18. I went to a dance school for 10 years; I did ballet, modern and tap. I had to stop when I was 14 due to an injury.
19. Around 40% of my waking life is spent reading.
20. I suck my thumb. And I'm not even slightly ashamed. And my teeth are straight. Ha!

Mrs D x

ps. Leave links below if you've done this, I love having a nose!



  1. Great Random Facts.

    #11 Interesting. I'm just the opposite. That's when I can tell I'm really in a bad depression. There is nothing I can buy or go to that is worth the effort for me. (Sorry, sort of a downer). Anyway, I did Random Thoughts on my blog twice:

    I'd love to read other's lists.

  2. Another great mix of facts! I'm like that with the spending, I know I'm doing it as well!


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