Friday, 30 November 2012

Five Good Things

Things are more than a little difficult lately which means I'm struggling to find motivation for blogging. I thought instead of getting myself in a state about the things I'm not blogging, I'd put a smile on my face by focusing on the positive bits!

I'd like to do this once a week just to remind myself that even I've had the most rubbish week, I'm still here which is an achievement in itself and I've actually probably had a few really lovely moments.

1. I've been spending a bit of extra time with my mum lately in order to get some rest and to give my lovely, hairy husband a break from worrying how I am when he's not at home. Mum and I have been spending lots of time walking round Bury St Edmunds looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations. It's tiring being outside and *doing things* but my mum is so incredibly understanding and supportive so knows we need regular hot chocolate breaks.

2. For the last 6 months I've been collecting vintage china in preparation for setting up my own little vintage tea party business. I went through all my bits and made an little inventory to see how close I am to being ready and I'm not far off! This is something I've always wanted to do and I know I'll be good at it so I can't wait to get going. 
A few of my favourite bits.

3. Skype-ing with my hairy husband whilst I'm at my mum's. Although I miss him, it's so lovely having something to look forward to every evening. It reminds me of when we first met and the little flutter of excitement in my tummy when I'd see his name pop up on my screen. So silly and twee but quite lovely! Plus, he's been letting me talk to the kitties... :D

4. I'm finally feeling festive and am starting to look forward to Christmas, yay! I've planned my Christmas food gifts and made a good start on my knitted gifts. Christmas!!

5. Two weeks on Saturday I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my my lovely, lovely friends' wedding! It's in Amsterdam and I'm absolutely terrified of getting on the plane but I am focusing on all the happy bits about it :D This is them being excellent.

I rather enjoyed doing this so expect more of them!

Mrs D x



  1. so nice to hear you have enjoyed my home town of BSE, the town is looking really pretty and we are blessed with lots of unique shops x

    1. Ooh, where abouts do you live? My mum and stepdad live in Bradfield Combust.
      It's such a beautiful place and so very different from my nearest town. I'd love to move here one day. xx


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