Wednesday, 1 August 2012

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!

Butlins...train station in the middle of nowhere, same thing really, yes?
Just a little post to say Mr D and I are off to Cumbria tomorrow for a week. We're meeting up with Mr D's family who have already been there for a week. We're staying at a little train station that has been turned into accommodation in the middle of nowhere. Mr D's brother really, really loves trains so they go every year and stay in this same station. It really is in the middle of nowhere and although I imagine day two of steam trains going past the window will make me cross, I'm looking forward to spending a whole week with nothing to do but read books and occasionally watch the Olympics.

I have a few scheduled blog posts for while I'm gone including a nose or two into my holiday wash bag (it's thrilling, I promise). I'm hoping they'll go off as planned but I apologise if it all goes a bit wrong!

Have a lovely week, everyone!

Mrs D x


  1. Ahh, is that the one in Bootle? My dad knows the guy who owns that (he works for Network Rail so knows all things railway.) Its a really lovely little cottage and being in the middle of nowhere really is great! We have a favourite holiday home in Settle which we've rented a few times, sometimes just switching off and enjoying the beautiful English countryside is just what you need. Have a lovely time :) x

    1. It's Dent so it's on the Settle-Carlisle line...I think haha! I might recommend the Bootle one to Mr D's family though for next year because it's on the coast, might be a bit more interesting.
      We're definitely in need of a week of not worrying about how messy the house is or the fact that we have three massive boxes containing our new three door wardrobe in the bedroom and I have to climb over the bed to get to the other side of the room haha! Annnd relax :D xxx


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