Saturday, 11 August 2012

Popping In

I thought I'd just do a quick post to say hello and let you all know that things might be quiet for the rest of the month. We're away a lot this month but I had planned lots of scheduled blogs to keep things ticking over. However, I've mentioned before that I'm struggling a little lately and whilst I thought things would have started to pick up by now, they haven't. Well, I'm struggling a lot now and my motivation is the first thing to disappear along with the ability to string coherent sentences together.

I'm finding it difficult to pick myself up at the moment so please forgive me if the only posts you see for a little while are simple ones. You are all such a wonderful lot and I love being a part of the blogging world so please don't think I've lost interest! I haven't at all and I will still be reading and such.

I don't imagine I'll stay away from Twitter, 140 characters is something I can cope with! If you want to say hello, please feel free :) @elenalucie

That's all. I hope you're all enjoying your summers!

Mrs D x


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