Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Outfit Post - Un Mariage Français

 Mr D's cousin got married over the weekend in a beautiful little town near Rouen called Lyons-la-Forêt. It was ridiculously hot which was lovely when we were able to sit outside and drink rosé wine in the sunshine, but not so great when we were in our tiny hotel room with no air conditioning! 

I decided to wear something I knew I would feel confident in because Mr D's cousins are possibly the most beautiful, stylish, svelte gene pool I've ever seen and I have a tendency to resemble the hippo from Fantasia with a fringe. So naturally, I cracked out the Collectif Red Hibiscus Dress :D

Yes, I realised my bag is orange and it clashes but it's all I had!

I do like to match!
My Bettie Bangs really need trimming...
Now, how handsome does Mr D look in his suit with his tie all wonky with a grumpy face because it was too hot and he had to hold my clutch bag? ;)

Now we've had a couple of days to relax and recover from the many, many glasses of wine we're off to Ireland on Friday for another wedding! This time though we're going for a week with all our lovely friends which should either be amazingly fun or end in a Cabin Fever scenario. Paaaancaaaaakes.

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

OOTD for an Ikea Adventure

My lovely friend Robyn took me on an Ikea adventure today in Milton Keynes. I have a rail on my kitchen wall for utensils and have been wanting to get a larger one for my pots and pans. Ikea is my go-to place to sensible homeware and it didn't fail today because I picked one up for £2 plus 10 hooks for £1!

This is what I wore; 

I haven't worn this dress for ages but it's one of my favourites. I'm running out of leg-wear options at the minute because Tesco don't have as many woolly tights in stock during the summer but it's still chilly and I love my woolly tights! 

And just for your entertainment, here is Robgoblin looking like she has a lampshade for a head. 

Mrs D x

ps. Whilst my husband was taking my photo outside, the kitties had a stand-off... Bella-cat always looks so cross but she's usually the one who starts it!

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