Sunday, 8 July 2012

Making A House A Home - Garden

This is a little/a lot different from my usual posts about my silly jaunts with nail polish and flouncing around in dresses but hopefully you'll still like it.

My dear hairy husband and I clash a bit over what to do with our garden. He's very much an 'if it doesn't serve a purpose, it's not going in my garden' type of person whilst I like pretty and pointless! However, since we started growing our own vegetables I've definitely changed my mind. I still have quite a few flowers but I'm thinking of moving them all into pots to put on the patio so we can have more room for tasty veggies!

I had a little wander round the garden earlier and took a few photos to show you what we've got growing at the minute. Our garden is fairly small and quite unkempt but I like it. We like to think of as cottage-y rather than messy :D
Broad beans
We have about 12 broad bean plants in the garden this year. I'm not sure why we were so enthusiastic with them but it's not a problem because I bloody love them! I really enjoy sitting in the garden in the sunshine podding broad beans, it's very therapeutic. 

Brussel sprouts & yellow courgettes
Last year we had enough brussel sprouts to feed an army. We fed 8 people at Christmas with them and at least 10 other dinners with them. We haven't grown as many this year but we'll still have enough to see us through Christmas-time. 
We bought two courgette plants; one regular and one yellow. However our very naughty Louie-cat really enjoys joining in with the gardening and likes to dig his own little holes when Mr D does and has a little sit down in them. He got a bit too enthusiastic though and kicked our regular courgette plant so we've only got the yellow one left. I'd be cross with him but he's too cute. You can just see the first courgette coming out to the right of the beautiful flower. 

Blueberries are my staple breakfast fruit. I have them on pretty much every cereal I eat so I thought I'd invest in a blueberry bush to save a bit of money. We will possibly need to get a net to cover them with though otherwise the birds might get to them first.

Hydrangeas made up most of our wedding flowers so I wanted some in the garden as a little reminder. They're just starting to appear and the prospect of all those little buds blossoming is making me quite happy. 

This is still sitting in it's pot because I can't decide whether it'd be best to plant it in the ground or put it in a big pot. Does anyone know where it'd be more likely to keep growing every year?

Honeysuckle, roses, begonias...I think
The honeysuckle and roses didn't blossom at all last year so we were expecting to have to dig them up this year but magically they're fine! 

We've suddenly had about 5 or 6 poppies spring up this month. I know they're weeds but I'm really reluctant to get rid of them because they're so pretty!

And no garden is complete without rosemary!

I hope that wasn't too boring or old-lady for you!

Mrs D x


  1. I love that you grow your own veggies it's great I don't have any plants at all I tried with a strawberry plant but it didn't work :( my grandparents had a lavender in there garden for years it was never in a pot xx

    1. I have a strawberry plant too, in one of those herb grow bags but when I went to pick some this morning the snails had gobbled them :( xx

  2. Lavender spreads like wildfire if you plant it in the ground which is great if you want it to, but I would recommend just a bigger pot.

    I absolutely love gardening, inherited the green fingers from my dad and nana I think! Its a shame we've never rented anywhere with a garden yet, I'm on the very very long list for an allotment but I think we'll probably own our own house before then!


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