Monday, 30 July 2012

It's All In A Name

When I was a child I used to be so jealous of other girls that could find their names on things like necklaces or keyrings. I was so annoyed that my parents had given me a name that not only got pronounced and spelt wrong all the time but that I couldn't even have keyrings or pencils with my name dare they! ;) Obviously now I'm older I actually really love my name and despite not having any ties with my Italian family anymore, I like that I still have that little connection with my name. I don't even mind having to correct people when they first meet me anymore, I just hope that my inner eye rolling doesn't present itself outside too!

Fortunately for me, there are plenty of places online that sell personalised jewellery and even more fortunately for me, the majority of them are rockabilly styled! I have a tattoo scroll heart necklace from Bete Noire (used to be Clutterfly Jewellery) which is delightfully big and tacky but I fancied something a bit more subtle though and was overjoyed when I stumbled upon Heidi Seeker.

She has some really cute pieces that can be personalised. If you're into roller derby there is a fantastic section of necklaces and such that will rock your world! All the pieces are made out of a sort of hard felt so they're flexible and don't feel at all fragile. Plus the packaging is super cute.

I got the Personalised Polkadot Heart Necklace which is a very reasonable £8. 

It's slightly smaller than I expected but I'm actually quite pleased. The chain is also a really decent length which is important if you're a chubster like me. All in all, I bloody love it! 

I also got my lovely friend Robyn, this cute owl pin for £5!

Unicorns, ice creams, owls, anchors, cupcakes and burger ear muffs, what more could you want?!

Mrs D x



  1. Oh, very cute! I love the necklace and the pin sooo much :)

  2. I did a post about Heidi Seeker a while back, the jewellery is so cute! I like big, bold necklaces so it's right up my street! x


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