Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Shameless Plea & Wedding Photos!

Hello lovelies,

If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably have seen this already so I apologise if you have!

A few weeks ago I entered a competition with Hallmark called Treasured Memories where I had to pick a treasured possession and write a little something about it. There were hundreds of entries but a panel of judges whittled it down to ten and my entry somehow made it through! It's now down to a public vote though so I'm really, really hoping the power of bloggers will prevail! The winner gets a pretty incredible Nikon 1 J1 and some Hallmark goodies. As you'll probably have noticed my camera is on it's way out and I could really do with a new camera, plus I love thrusting my sentimental stuff on other people so I love that so many people get to see my treasured possession!

The thing that immediately sprung to mind when I thought about a treasured possession was this...

It's a silver and marcasite brooch that my Aunty Fay who is also my godmother gave to me on my wedding day. I'm very close with my mum's side of my family and always have been. As I was growing up and my personality started to really develop I soon realised I was far more a Tills than I ever was a Dodd (my paternal family name). I'm stubborn, wilful and have a fiery streak that although it doesn't appear too much yet I'm told it will do with age! Added to the fact that from the age of 16 my paternal family closed the door on me they became all the family I needed.

My Aunty Fay along with her husband and two of my cousins came over from Canada for the wedding which I was incredibly touched by. I hadn't seen any of them since I was 8 years old so it really meant a lot to me. My Aunty Fay and I have always been close and I have a stash of letters and notes that accompanied little gifts from her that are quite special to me. When she gave me the brooch she also gave me a letter explaining where and how the brooch came to be in her possession.

The brooch was given to my great grandmother on her wedding day by her mother. It was then given to my nana by my great grandmother. Aunty Fay says she always remembers her nana wearing it and my mum says she recalls my nana wearing it too. My nana then gave it to Fay on her wedding day and I was lucky enough to have it given to me. I felt very, very honoured to get it because I have five older female cousins (two of which are Fay's daughters) but for some reason she chose me. She says she knows how family orientated I am and that it would mean a great deal to me which is very true. It feels wonderful to have something that connects me to four generations of women before me. Sadly my nana died before I was born and I've always felt a huge nana shaped hole in my life. She and my mum were as close as my mum and I am and I really, really love hearing my mum talk about her. From what I can tell my nana and I are quite similar in some ways, although mum says she never, ever heard her say a bad word about anyone or swear...two things I can't profess to do! She suffered enormous amounts of tragedy in her life (something I thankfully haven't) that left her with lots of anxiety and nervousness (something I can definitely relate to). But she was also very matriarchal and loved her family fiercely.

I love objects that have sentimental value and although my first instinct was that I should put the brooch away in case it got damaged, I just can't bear to have it sit in a drawer unloved. I want my child to remember me wearing it all the time so that when she gets it and passes it onto her child they'll know how much it meant to me.

And so, that's my little story! I'd really like to win the competition, not just for the fancy prizes (although they are flippin' brilliant!) but also because I get to share something that means so much to me with so many people. If you have a spare couple of minutes, please go HERE and vote for me. You have to allow access to the contests app on Facebook but it literally takes two seconds.

Just so this isn't completely boring, here are a few wedding photos where you can sort of see my brooch but mostly just for you to coo over :D

This is my Aunty Fay :)

A Very Shameless Mrs D ;) x


  1. Such a lovely story, I love things like that! Voted for you :) xo

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it :) I'm a sucker for wedding photos so I'm glad someone else is too hehe. xx

  2. I've just voted :) really a lovely story!

    Kate x

  3. Ah the second to last photo actually made me smile to myself it's so cute! So much love in such a tiny photo xx

  4. Beautiful story, beautiful wedding photos! Thanks for sharing!


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