Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A slightly lazy OOTD

I'm not normally a fan of maxi dresses. I love them on other people but I am too wide, too tall and generally too massive to make them look good. However, despite having things to do yesterday that involved venturing outside with my mama, it was a comfort over style day.

This one was from Next last year and normally only comes out when I'm in the garden at home. It doesn't do much for me and my shoes clash with my cardigan but I wanted to be comfy!

I do enjoy my hair flower though. Thanks GG's Pin-Up Couture!

And blogging world, meet my mama :) She's looking a bit disgruntled at the bill from lunch but she's normally quite smiley, promise!

Mrs D x



  1. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love your pin-up look :) x

  2. Thank you for the mention lovely! It's great to see your blog doing so well!! Best wishes, Gail (GG's Pin-up Couture) xx

    1. Thank you for making the prettiest hair flowers in the world! :) xx


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