Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A slightly lazy OOTD

I'm not normally a fan of maxi dresses. I love them on other people but I am too wide, too tall and generally too massive to make them look good. However, despite having things to do yesterday that involved venturing outside with my mama, it was a comfort over style day.

This one was from Next last year and normally only comes out when I'm in the garden at home. It doesn't do much for me and my shoes clash with my cardigan but I wanted to be comfy!

I do enjoy my hair flower though. Thanks GG's Pin-Up Couture!

And blogging world, meet my mama :) She's looking a bit disgruntled at the bill from lunch but she's normally quite smiley, promise!

Mrs D x


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cupcakes Of The Week

This week has been a quiet one on the blog front because I've been struck down in my prime with the lurgy. I mocked my husband last week for having man-flu and karma has come round to bite me on the bum! I have the most rubbish tonsils ever and whenever there's the slightest virus going round they zap it up and torture me. So I currently have tonsils the size of golf balls, ridiculously sore ears and I'm so groggy I feel like I've drunk nothing but gin for the last week. Hooray!

Fortunately I only had one cake order for Father's Day but I had to do most of that with a scarf wrapped round my face just in case! It was a gluten free order from a dear friend who wanted something for her husband for Father's Day. She wanted toffee which I was quite glad about because gluten free cakes aren't the nicest so they quite often need a strong flavour to make up for it! 

This is what I rustled up...

The stupid lines from my camera are still going strong buttttt, something exciting is happening tomorrow that could mean that will be rectified! I'm not allowed to say what it is until tomorrow but I'm going to need your help, blogging friends ;)

I hope you're all doing something lovely for your daddys today whether it's giving them a hug, cake or just remembering them. It was my lovely, silly step-dad's birthday this week too so when we go and visit them next weekend I'm going to make him some cupcakes with these on top... :D

Mrs D x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Art Deco & Retro Fun

Today's post is a little off-piste and isn't beauty or fashion related whatsoever (although I might pop in what I wore!) but I hope it's well received either way!

On Sunday my mum and I ventured into a village near her called Culford to have a nose around Suffolk's Art Deco and Retro Fair. It was hosted by Culford School which is one of the most incredible buildings I've ever been in. I thought my posh school was fancy but this was overwhelming. The 16-18th century building sits on 480 acres of ridiculously beautiful land with it's own lake and grazing land! It's a bit too nice to be letting snotty children run around it if you ask me.

I do wish I'd taken my proper camera with me but I probably would have been too distracted by the abundance of incredible vintage and art deco wares anyway!

Every item was tagged with the era and style which I found really interesting as although I'm good at picking out pieces from the 1950's, I'm not good with other eras. My mum was so pleased at seeing all these bits and pieces that reminded her of being a child or items of jewellery similar to ones her mum owned. Quite sensibly (or stupidly really!) we didn't take very much money so we had to be selective if we wanted to buy anything. I'm glad though because I saw at least thirty things I could have easily parted with my money for. Mostly vintage buttons...honestly, there were so many buttons I nearly keeled over with excitement! There were also a couple of stalls that sold vintage advertisement prints. I found a beautiful 1952 Bourgois print but I didn't have enough money with me to buy it. 

There were a lot of proper compact mirrors around but many either had pieces missing or hadn't been taken care of very well so were looking quite worse for wear. However, my mum found this beautiful compact and although the powder puff is missing, it looks as though it's barely been used. The tag was dated 1940's but I don't know how accurate it is. 

It has two deer engraved on the front and has beautiful scalloped edges. The mirror inside was a little mucky but otherwise perfect. It's so beautiful. My mum used her haggling skills and bought it for a mere £12! When I asked her whether she was going to keep it in her handbag to use or just put it on her dressing table she said she hadn't decided but she might like to give it to her favourite person for Christmas...! I'd like her to keep it though, it's precious. 

I bought this gorgeous little pill box (dated 1950's) for myself for £2. I always forget my medication when I'm away from home but my mum found me an emergency little pill box from The British Heart Foundation shop a while ago so I can keep some in there all the time. This though is just beautiful so I think I might keep both but put them in different handbags just as backup! 

Finally, the third thing I bought was my first trio! My mum has collected trios for as long as I can remember and she has an absolutely beautiful collection. She's very particular about hers though and only buys ones that are valuable. Mine however, I want to buy for a very different reason. I'm going to start building a collection of trios to use for tea parties! It's part of a venture with my wonderful friend Luli but it's very early days so I don't want to give too much away yet! I want trios that are beautiful but still quite robust and cheap enough that I'm not going to go into respiratory arrest should they break. 

I love the autumnal colours of this and the fluted edges of the cup and plates. It's so lovely I almost don't want to let anyone else drink from it but if I'm going to be precious about things like that I'm never going to get anywhere!

I got talking to a lady who was selling some incredible costume jewellery who told me all about how her and her daughter had collected 150 trios for her wedding and now had no idea what to do with them! She is coming back to the Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair in September and said she'd bring a collection with her for me to have a look at and if I liked them she'll sell each trio to me for £3! She took my phone number and is going to ring me closer to the date so she can send me some photos and I can choose which ones I'd like to see. How brilliant is it?!

This was definitely the best vintage fair I've been to. I find a lot of other fairs will bring things in that they think look a bit shabby or rough round the edges and call it vintage. All the sellers here knew what they were selling and only sold genuine retro and art deco pieces. Every single person we spoke to were so knowledgeable and I learnt a lot on how to recognise when pieces are real and when they're reproductions. I really, really enjoyed myself and am so looking forward to the next one!

And just to round it off, here's what I was wearing :) (This dress is coming out a lot lately, it's bordering on cheery but not too summery which seems perfect for now.)

And there's my big, blood-shot eyed from not much sleep face :D

Mrs D x


Tuesday, 12 June 2012


My mum, my cousin and I went to a Russian Doll doorstop (although I decided to turn mine into a cat because why on earth wouldn't I?!) knitting workshop on Saturday. I knew we'd be sitting down for most of the day so I wanted to be comfy. This gorgeous Peter Pan Collar Daisy Dress from Simply Be is probably one of the comfiest dresses I own. It's in a jersey material so it's hangs really well but where I'm usually a bit weary of jersey for it's sticking to the bumps, this really doesn't. The little patent belt nips you in at the waist which gives a really lovely shape, the sleeves make me feel far less conscious about my massive wobbly arms and finally, a dress that is actually the right length for me! Can you tell I'm a bit in love with it?

It was my cousin's first foray into blog assisting so she didn't get my shoes in but there definitely were some ;)

Mrs D x


Friday, 8 June 2012


Firstly, I really apologise for the stupid lines. My camera is dying but I can't afford a new one! Secondly, yes that is Dr Nefario in the background :D

It's still drizzly and horrible outside so the woolly tights and black cardigans are back for the time being. 

Dress and cardigan are both from F+F at Tesco
Shoes are from Next
Face is from half make-upped and a bit 
Messy floor is from Mr D. 

Mrs D x

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