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Veet Oriental Essential Oils Warm Wax - Review

Despite having worn my capri pants a few times in the last couple of months I realised that I hadn't de-fuzzed my legs since I got married 7 months ago! That's pretty disgusting even for me. (Yet for some reason I'm not ashamed enough to keep it to myself...) I can't stand shaving my legs, it seems like such a massive amount of effort for something that lasts maybe a day or two before stubbly horridness. 

In an effort to save a bit of money I thought I'd give home waxing a go. After pouring over the many, many different types of wax available I thought I'd go for Veet's Oriental Wax. I was drawn mainly to the appeal of essential oils I think, other than that I have no idea why I went for that particular one! It came with strips but being aware of how chubby my legs are and how long I'd been cultivating yeti status, I got some extra ones just in case. 

We don't own a microwave so I warmed the wax up by putting the open tub in a pan of boiling water. It took about 10 minutes for the wax to melt completely but it was too hot to use straight away. Quite helpfully the wooden spatula had a little blue rectangle at the bottom that turned to the word NO! if it was too hot to use. I quite enjoyed being told off by a spatula! It took quite a while for it to cool down enough to use but I didn't mind so much. All I could think was that if the spatula hadn't told me off I probably would have ended up burning my skin. 

I only realised after I've done half of one leg that on the box the spatula indicates which area you're meant to use for whatever area you're waxing. I was meant to be using the long, curved side for my legs which once I discovered was far, far more effective than just slapping it on like I had been! That'll teach me to read instructions...

Because I had been using the end of the spatula to apply the wax I found I was using rather a lot of it quite quickly. Once I started to use it properly however it went a lot further. I was really pleasantly surprised at how pain-free the whole thing was. I have regular Hollywood waxes downtown which I find relatively pain-free anyway but mainly because my beauty therapist uses Lycon wax, but I did expect some pain from the home-waxing. However, there was hardly any! Infact, I quite enjoyed the laborious, therapeutic process a lot more because of the lack of stinging. 


The strips came off really easily and only missed maybe three or four hairs on my entire leg. Now...I'm going to be brave and actually show you part of my un-waxed and waxed legs so brace yourselves!

(Yet I still have no shame...) See, no unusual redness or stung-looking skin at all! 

  • Smelt gorgeous!
  • Easy to apply (if you read the instructions and use the spatula properly...).
  • Very effective at getting rid of all hair, and there was a lot of it. 
  • Genuinely pain-free.
  • Left my legs silky smooth.
  • Water soluble solution - this was something I really liked about the product...most waxes leave behind residue that's almost impossible to get off without dousing yourself in white spirit or acetone but because this was water soluble, if I got any on my hands or on my legs I could just dip my hand into the pan of warm water and get rid of it!

  • Takes a while to cool down enough to use so you need at least a couple of hours from start to finish.
  • Solidified pretty quickly too so if you're a novice waxer you'd probably need to re-heat it. 
  • Quite messy.
I'd definitely buy it again. It did what I wanted it to do very well and at £9.89 from Boots, it was a cheap alternative to paying for a proper wax.

Mrs D x


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  1. Great review!! Just purchased my own supply so will see how it goes! Fingers crossed! Xx


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