Friday, 25 May 2012


Last night saw me put down my knitting, swap my slippers for real shoes and my cup of tea for a mocktail or two with some gorgeous ladies. It felt quite surreal being out with a Vegas burlesque-r, her lovely mum, an international show girl and dress-maker extraordinaire haha! I'm so used to our friendship group being mainly men that I felt really quite nervous about being in a group of girls. I have a horrible tendency to let my GAD manifest in the idea that nobody really likes me and that I come off as a silly, crude child who talks too much and about the wrong things but I think I did okay and even if I didn't, I had a lovely time anyway! It felt very good to be out socialising with new people and especially people so kind and approachable (and glamorous!).

I thought I'd better make an effort and it seemed a perfect opportunity to debut my beautiful Collectif Hibiscus dress! And team it with my gorgeous white orchid flower from GG's Pin-Up Couture.

I do wish I'd worn my petticoat underneath, and that I had cracked a smile but still, I love it!! So much so that I did a little twirl :D 

Such beautiful ladies! Being in the front probably wasn't the best place for me, I look like a giant haha! 

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Happy Face

Yesterday was a pretty brilliant day. The sun was shining, I finally got off my backside and had my fringe tidied anddddd had an interview at my local college for a City & Guilds Nail Technology Enhancements course after which I was offered a place! I went with the intention of interviewing for a Beauty Therapy course because all I really want to do is nails, make-up and eye treatments and I thought Nail Technology was just nails. Turns out it's not, it's actually nails, make-up and eye treatments! I love it when things fall into place :D So, come September I'll be going back to school! I can't decide if I'm more excited about the stationery or the prospect of my husband giving in and letting me do his nails haha. 

I just wanted to share my bit of good news with you, and show you my face today! 

Apologies for the grainy webcam but I forgot to take one with my big camera and then I couldn't be bothered to get it out again and upload again and blah. 

I feel a thousand times better now my fringe is back to how it should be. It wasn't until after it'd been cut that I realised just how long and untidy it had gotten! We went for a deeper U-shape this time. 

Seeing as it's so summery I thought it called for one of my gorgeous hair flowers from GG's Pin-Up Couture

And this is where you can find me for the rest of the day. Except now it's past midday the sun has made it's way across the entire garden so I'm off to put my hat on and sit outside with this little tart. 

Mrs D x


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Veet Oriental Essential Oils Warm Wax - Review

Despite having worn my capri pants a few times in the last couple of months I realised that I hadn't de-fuzzed my legs since I got married 7 months ago! That's pretty disgusting even for me. (Yet for some reason I'm not ashamed enough to keep it to myself...) I can't stand shaving my legs, it seems like such a massive amount of effort for something that lasts maybe a day or two before stubbly horridness. 

In an effort to save a bit of money I thought I'd give home waxing a go. After pouring over the many, many different types of wax available I thought I'd go for Veet's Oriental Wax. I was drawn mainly to the appeal of essential oils I think, other than that I have no idea why I went for that particular one! It came with strips but being aware of how chubby my legs are and how long I'd been cultivating yeti status, I got some extra ones just in case. 

We don't own a microwave so I warmed the wax up by putting the open tub in a pan of boiling water. It took about 10 minutes for the wax to melt completely but it was too hot to use straight away. Quite helpfully the wooden spatula had a little blue rectangle at the bottom that turned to the word NO! if it was too hot to use. I quite enjoyed being told off by a spatula! It took quite a while for it to cool down enough to use but I didn't mind so much. All I could think was that if the spatula hadn't told me off I probably would have ended up burning my skin. 

I only realised after I've done half of one leg that on the box the spatula indicates which area you're meant to use for whatever area you're waxing. I was meant to be using the long, curved side for my legs which once I discovered was far, far more effective than just slapping it on like I had been! That'll teach me to read instructions...

Because I had been using the end of the spatula to apply the wax I found I was using rather a lot of it quite quickly. Once I started to use it properly however it went a lot further. I was really pleasantly surprised at how pain-free the whole thing was. I have regular Hollywood waxes downtown which I find relatively pain-free anyway but mainly because my beauty therapist uses Lycon wax, but I did expect some pain from the home-waxing. However, there was hardly any! Infact, I quite enjoyed the laborious, therapeutic process a lot more because of the lack of stinging. 


The strips came off really easily and only missed maybe three or four hairs on my entire leg. Now...I'm going to be brave and actually show you part of my un-waxed and waxed legs so brace yourselves!

(Yet I still have no shame...) See, no unusual redness or stung-looking skin at all! 

  • Smelt gorgeous!
  • Easy to apply (if you read the instructions and use the spatula properly...).
  • Very effective at getting rid of all hair, and there was a lot of it. 
  • Genuinely pain-free.
  • Left my legs silky smooth.
  • Water soluble solution - this was something I really liked about the product...most waxes leave behind residue that's almost impossible to get off without dousing yourself in white spirit or acetone but because this was water soluble, if I got any on my hands or on my legs I could just dip my hand into the pan of warm water and get rid of it!

  • Takes a while to cool down enough to use so you need at least a couple of hours from start to finish.
  • Solidified pretty quickly too so if you're a novice waxer you'd probably need to re-heat it. 
  • Quite messy.
I'd definitely buy it again. It did what I wanted it to do very well and at £9.89 from Boots, it was a cheap alternative to paying for a proper wax.

Mrs D x


Saturday, 19 May 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Lipstick; Sail La Vie - Review


I'll admit I'm a sucker for packaging and the MAC Hey, Sailor! packaging is about as appealing as they come. The adorable red, white and navy, nautical theme runs throughout the entire product, even down to the gorgeous shade of red on the inside of the box. 

I got the shade 'Sail La Vie' which is a rich orange toned red. The colour reminds me a lot of Rockalily's Mae Hem but a touch deeper. 

It's highly pigmented so I had to be really careful with the application otherwise I was at serious risk of looking like a child with a lollipop addiction. The depth of colour is amazing, really strong and solid but not overly brassy. It made my teeth appear whiter and as silly as it sounds, it made my pasty skin look brighter! I tend to find with bright shades that they leave my lips a touch dry but this was incredibly moisturising. It gave my lips a pleasant sheen without being glossy or shiny. 

I put it on at around 11am and it survived my non-stop nattering with my mother-in-law, a pink of diet-coke and lunch. It needed slightly touching up after lunch but I was seriously impressed with it's durability. (And the fact that it stayed on my lips rather than smeared over my face whilst eating hehe!)


  • Cute packaging!
  • Moisturising
  • Rich colour
  • Fairly good durability
  • It's a bit pricey at £14 but I'd expect to pay that much for MAC. 
Have you had anything from the Hey Sailor! collection?

Mrs D x


Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Internet, meet my shiny, unmake-upped face! I had a 9am appointment yesterday and at 8.35am I was still in bed really struggling to motivate myself. I've been struggling a bit lately but I'm really pleased with myself for managing to get up and go to my appointment when all my instincts were telling me to STAY INSIDE! Ironically the appointment was with a women who I'm going to work with for the next few weeks on learning some relaxation techniques for my anxiety so I am glad that I went. Unfortunately though my rushing meant I only had time to do my hair and not my make up!

I spent the rest of the day with my lovely friend (and technical boss hehe) Luli Blue. The poor thing has had a really nasty injury to her knee and isn't able to teach properly because it's so painful so I was the body to her brains for bellydance class last night! I haven't danced for a while so I'm certainly feeling it this morning. Totally worth it though :)

Enough rambling, here's yesterday's outfits. I apologise for my face. And the crisp packet in the husband has no class ;)

Capri pants - Yours Clothing
Vest - Simply Be
Cardigan - M&S
Brooch - vintage

Nails are Essie's Peach Daiquiri.

Necklace from Clutterfly.

Belt and shoes are both from Next.

Mrs D x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Outfit & Cupcakes of the Day!

My mum and I went on a little cupcake decorating course this afternoon. Mum was worried I had wasted my money because I didn't learn anything I don't already know but I think it was money well spent because I really enjoyed myself and got to meet some lovely people. I'm not overly impressed with the cupcakes I decorated but it was nice to just play around and do whatever I fancied rather than sticking to an order!

Here is what I wore for cupcaking...

I was being a bit lazy about blow drying my hair so I let most of it dry naturally which meant it got a bit wavy. Didn't last for long though!

My nails are Barry M, Blue Moon as mentioned in my Friday post. Apologies for the fuzzy photo, my mum's photography skills are a bit rusty!

My not-so-great-and-really-could-and-should-have-done-better cupcakes...

My gorgeous mama and her gorgeous cupcakes...

If you're in the Northamptonshire area you should definitely check out Leanne and her various cupcake classes. They're really fun and you get to take home 12 tasty cupcakes at the end of it. Plus she's an absolutely lovely lady and even though we live in the same village and are therefore eachother's competition, I think she's fab! 

Mrs D x
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