Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekend OOTDs & FOTDs

The worst thing about not having a full length mirror in the house is that I put something on, feel really quite fabulous in it and it's only when I see a photo of myself that I realise it doesn't look good, at all. This was one of those times. 

I do love my capri trousers (and my granny slippers :D) but the cardigan is far too short which is made ten times worse because of my stupid boobs making it higher at the front than at the back and just, yuck. It's a shame because I really was feeling pretty good on Saturday morning! I felt good enough since starting my new, drowsy/zombie inducing medication to drive so whilst my husband cycled to Halfords to get his bike serviced I drove to meet him. It was warm enough to have the car window open which meant everyone in my village and the next was subjected to my loud singing along to The Beach Boys and it was bloody marvellous! Until I saw that photo haha. 
I did like my make up though, especially since I was wearing my newest Rockalily lipstick, Hot Rod Red which is my perfect shade of red. 

I was also wearing one of my favourite brooches. I really love marcasite jewellery so when I found this in an incredible little vintage shop in Bridport last year for a mere £4 I was over the moon. 

The sun was shining today so I put my new sundress on. I'm not quite brave enough to go without anything on my legs yet and I couldn't find any flesh coloured tights so I was stuck with horrible leggings. Hahaha, I've only just realised you can see the waistband through my dress! How horrible!

Normally if my hair is too dirty I'll whack a bandana on but after watching Rachel Khoo yesterday I thought I'd give a plait a try. My hair hasn't been long enough to put a plait since I was about 12 so I'm really pleased. It doesn't look too bad for a 2 minute effort either. I was also being a bit lazy about make up's not been a great day (despite looking quite giggly). 

So, that's it. Bit of a funny weekend, my brain is feeling a bit woolly so I apologise if this is all over the shop! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and enjoy your Easter week. 
Mrs D x


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