Wednesday, 11 April 2012

OOTD Birdcage edition!

Just a quick one today. I bought this dress ages ago but it was a little too tight around the arm bits. It's magically a little bit looser and now I can wear it. It's really cute, it's a pale pink and covered with little bird cages! The birds are bright blue, turquoise, red and pink. I've never owned anything with such a bold pattern before but I quite like it.

Dress from Very by a brand called South
Cardigan from Next
Shoes from Next
Lipstick is Rockalily's ZOMG
And good old Tesco's woolly tights!

Mrs D x


  1. Hehe, sorry! I've never done cutesy patterns before but I'm definitely all for this one. xx

  2. You look fantastic and love the dress! How thrilling it is when we get into smaller clothes eh! :)
    I cleared out a bag for charity today (dropped it off so I couldn't change my mind at parting with clothes...). they're too big now and felt wonderful from that point of view.

    Congrats on your beautiful dress and on WW too. :)

    Jane x


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